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Is Mining Worth My Effort? How Much Can I Expect To Make?” title=”The Homebrew Litecoin Mining Project > Is Mining Worth My Effort? How Much Can I Expect To Make?”>

Is Mining Worth My Effort? How Much Can I Expect To Make?

A system like the one I built is capable of around Two,600 Kh/s. Based on today’s difficulty rating of Trio.13K, you can expect to generate about 0.84 Litecoins vanaf day, 25.06 coins vanaf month or 305.16 vanaf year according to the Litecoin Mining Zakjapanner before pool fees (if applicable). Of course, difficulty is adjusted every Trio.Five days and can either go up or down to ensure that blocks are found every Two.Five minutes.

Spil I write this, Litecoins are trading at $20.33 so you’d make about $17 vanaf day or around $510 vanaf month with this setup if everything stayed spil it is today (it won’t). But that’s only half of the equation. You have to account for what your miner cost to build and if you’re following my build, that would be around $Three,000 before shipping assuming you don’t already have some of the components around.

At today’s rates, it would take about six months to pauze even if everything stayed the same (again, it won’t) and that’s not factoring ter how much it will cost to operate your miner te terms of violet wand. My numbers are a bit skewed here spil I also have two other cards (a 280x and a 270) operating te a secondary machine, but my latest electrified bill slok up exactly $100 with the miners running 24/7.

The systems are using a lotsbestemming more power than I otherwise would but I’m also running an air conditioner a loterijlot. At one point, it wasgoed around 10F outside and I still had to use the AC to keep an ambient slagroom temperature of around 72F. The electrical bill will only climb even higher during the summer months.

On top of the warmth, a miner of this caliber also generates a lotsbestemming of noise. The 290x’s reference cooler is the main culprit spil its single fan needs to spin at a very high RPM to keep temperatures under control. Many have bashed AMD’s reference cooler for being inadequate and noisy. The dual- and triple-fan coolers used on most 280x cards are more efficient and much quieter but there is a catch.

Such coolers don’t do a good job of expelling the fever out of the case, which makes them bad for coin mining te a conventional PC case. The reference cooler, however, blasts hot air out of the back of the chassis. If I had to do it all overheen again, I’d attempt to get a third card with the reference cooler instead of the dual-fan cooler on the 280x spil it wasgoed one of the main reasons I needed so much toegevoegd case cooling.

A spare slagroom on the other side of the house is very likely where you’d want to keep a high-end miner and even then, you might still be able to hear it. It would be possible to eliminate a lotsbestemming of the fan noise by water cooling the cards but that introduces more cost (and risk). Another option would be to waterput the system ter a garage during the cold months albeit I’m not sure how condensation would factor ter.

Another consideration: if you project to run your miner(s) te a slagroom with a lotsbestemming of other heavy-draw electronics, total power draw could be problematic. During configuration, I had the miner te my living slagroom and it tripped the circuit breaker. I had to budge the system to a different outlet ter another slagroom.

I know one person who has miners running ter his attic. With less insulation than the surplus of the house, this eliminates having to run the air conditioner more than usual and also puts the systems out of earshot but he will need a different strategy once it starts to warm up outside.

Another option is to budge the miners off-site totally, say, to a gegevens center. You’d need to check around to see what is available locally but it could be cheaper to operate overall, not to mention you wouldn’t have to overeenkomst with the noise.

There are a ton of questions that you’ll want to ask yourself before mining Litecoins. If you’re looking to make a quick buck, mining (based on today’s rates) most likely isn’t the best use of your money. If you view Litecoins stringently spil a long-term investment, your metselspecie might be better spent buying coins directly and saving them for a duo years, however it’s anyone’s guess where virtual currencies will be by then.

However, if you’re intrigued by the idea and love playing with hardware, it can be rather pleasurable. All I know at this point is that I’ve had joy with it and am ready to see what the future holds, good or bad.

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