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The cryptocurrency market is risky and volatile. Amidst the sea of shitcoins are a few beacons of hope who will rise through the clutter and bring real value to the market. Thesis are the comfiest holds for 2018.

Five. Binance Coin

Binance Coin (BNB) is most likely the most controversial cryptocurrency on this list. It’s also an utterly safe hold, simply because of where it belongs – on Binance. Ter the span of a few months, this Chinese exchange went from obscurity to the largest cryptocurrency exchange te the world. This is very likely due to a multitude of factors such spil brief downtimes, low fees, good community outreach and a good referral program. The introduction of BNB halves the fees anyone pays for trading, and for day traders and HODLers alike, that’s very useful on the largest exchange ter the world.

Why not Kucoin Shares or other exchange tokens?

Exchange tokens are getting very popular after the explosion of Binance’s BNB. Kucoin released Kucoin Shares (KCS), Cryptopia has DOT, and has COSS. While the referral system te Kucoin might sound better, the exchange itself hasn’t bot proven yet. No exchange is trading the same volume spil Binance with the same level of professionalism (lack of downtime or withdrawal/deposit problems), which is why BNB is a safe bet. There are also technical reasons for its success, such spil BNB token burn and the influx of fresh users to Binance, which is pretty much a ensure ter 2018.

Four. Monero

Monero (XMR) is what government agencies te 3rd world countries and old people think Bitcoin is – an untraceable, anonymous way to transact and buy… not drugs. What one does with that privacy is their choice, and frankly, their problem, but the fact that there’s a coin that offers true anonymity and not pseudonymity like Bitcoin, means it’s valuable. Monero has bot around since 2014. It used to be mined on old smartphones before the crypto boom made that unlikely – so there’s a good distribution and circulation. Monero has bot around hiding ter the shadows, softly mooning alongside Bitcoin, behind the zoeklicht.

Why is Monero a comfy hold?

The tech backbone of cryptocurrency te 2018 is going to depend on a few coins – Ethereum and NEO providing dApps and wise contracts, Bitcoin (or someone else) being the means of exchange and store of value, and Monero being the king of privacy. Te a world of enlargening government regulations and business involvement, the need for a coin like Monero is going to keep growing.

Trio. Bitcoin

Why is Bitcoin (BTC) not number 1 on this list? Well, for starters its market dominance has bot at its lowest since inception, going lower. It’s clunky and slow, and fees thesis days don’t seem to go lower than $Ten anymore. Off chain scaling solutions don’t directly solve this problem either, and even Lightning Network, SegWit and Atomic Interchanges are far from implementation. The community is divided and it’s difficult to build up instantaneous overeenstemming since the development is so ‘decentralised’.

Why not Bitcoin Metselspecie?

Bitcoin Metselspecie suffers from the same problem that Bitcoin does – it is Bitcoin. An 8MB block size is not enough of a differentiator to capture its big brother’s market. Bitcoin is popular not just because fresh investors think of it spil a store of value, but because institutional investors, crypto whales, and day traders all use BTC spil the standard denomination for cryptocurrency trading. For BCH to substitute it and create a ‘flippening’, it will very first have to be used by exchanges exclusively, while suggesting more trading pairs than BTC. There are just so many swift ‘currency coins’ te this space, such spil Raiblocks, DASH, Ripple and even Litecoin, that if the market kills BTC, BCH dies with it too.

Then why is Bitcoin on this list at all?

Bitcoin has bot around for 9 years now. Ter that time it’s survived one of the most catastrophic mismanagement of funds since Charles Ponzi ter Mt. Gox, it’s survived hard forks, FUD attempts, market manipulation, government regulation, and if you believe the media, Bitcoin dies about twice a week. It’s a rough cookie to crack. It’s also the only cookie (or cryptocurrency) that regular ol’ Joe from Alabama knows about. The media blitzkrieg and very first mover advantage means fresh money will always be pouring into Bitcoin, spil long spil cryptocurrency is seen spil a viable investment.

Bitcoin’s long term spel project might look bleak when faced with competition from its, junior, shinier and sexier competitors, but 2018 is not going to be the year it dies. No one knows whether it can be pumped to $100,000 or $1,000,000 te the near future, but Bitcoin still a lotsbestemming of life left ter it. The network effect, and Metcalfe’s law, makes this inescapable. Your Bitcoins might not dual te value like they did te November 2018, but expect stable, organic growth te 2018.

Two. NEO

The world is switching. Cryptocurrencies are no longer just currencies, but something smarter, and “Chinese Ethereum” is one of the most undervalued products on the market right now. Right from its inception spil Antshares, NEO wasgoed hailed spil the next big dApp and wise contracts toneel. One of our hot crypto picks, Deep Brain Chain, is an AI neural network based on NEO’s blockchain. Its tech is already being used, and NEO is gaining weight spil a major industry player. The fact that they have Chinese government partnerships spil well spil major business partnerships is what will keep it growing.

Te 2018 you will find exchanges, especially Asian ones such spil Binance and Kucoin, commence to list NEO spil a major trading pair. Fully expect the volume, price and use of the NEO token to go up. The fact is, China is the leader ter cryptocurrency innovation and investment, so NEO will be used to prop up the brainy contract tech that most fresh coins will be built on. Similar to our next one…

1. Ethereum

All hail the king!

One might make the argument that Ethereum (ETH) has switched cryptocurrency more ter Three years than Bitcoin has done te 9. Since its launch, Vitalik Buterin has managed to drive the Ethereum project to 2nd ter global market cap with the Ethereum Enterprise Alliance. There’s a good chance that if Bitcoin falls from its #1 spot this year, it’s substituted by ETH. Holding Ethereum is holding the ultimate blue chip stock – it’s a big project, ran by enormously talented developers who have delivered a product that is already switching the world.

Most fresh ICOs are done on Ethereum. Most “shitcoins” you can buy today are ERC20 tokens running on the Ethereum blockchain. The ETH network presently processes more than 1 million transactions a day, which is larger than every other cryptocurrency combined. Yes, there is network congestion, and fees have bot leisurely rising spil a result, but the length and breadth of the applications for this blockchain are immense. From Cryptokitties to decentralized exchanges to insurance contracts, ETH enables it all.

Ethereum is a long term HODL. The dividends will truly commence to pay off when sharding is implemented, which is purported to be some time ter early 2018. Coins like BTC and Ripple have a limited use case when compared to ETH, which is poised to become the backbone of every brainy contract transaction ter the world. Once that happens, Ethereum has won cryptocurrency for the foreseeable future.


The Five comfiest holds ter cryptocurrencies for 2018 are:

Thesis coins aren’t going to 100x this year. They are large market cap cryptos with established identities and use cases. However, spil you go up the list, you are met with cryptocurrencies who are the most likely to multiply your investment with the least risks. Factors that I’ve used to create this list are time the technology has bot around, its competition, use case and market cap. Oh, and I’ve also assumed the global cryptocurrency bubble doesn’t come crashing down, leading to a Crypto Excellent Depression.

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If you’re looking for some riskier, low market cap cryptocurrencies that are undervalued and have the chance to 100x your investment, check out this article.

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