Litecoin Mining Tutorial (Part 1), Bitcoin Tutor

Get GUIMiner here from my dropbox if its down: It may say contains virus, that is due to there being a .bat verkeersopstopping inwards. Its safe.

Intro Music: Positive Dubstep via AudioJungle Licensed to…

Bitcoin contant mining

@mindhunter discusses Ripple Labs


How to work out khashes?

hi friend can wij use Antminer S9 for lightcoin mining …??

your much better of outsourcing the hardware of building a mining equipment especially if you don`t have technical expertise it will be a loterijlot lighter to profit from mining if you use something like I think

Why does the program instantly close after launch?

can anyone tell mij about crypto currency? like what is hash speed? what is block? how do i know coin has bot mined.? what are the best ewallet for top coins. what r the exchanges where i can sell and buy coins.? what about ethereum, dodge and lite coin.? what is the best machine for minning coins like dodge , ethereum and lite.?

what about cloud mining? is it good or worst?

please please help.

thanks ter advance

I did everything you said, and the GUI miner manages to hash, but it is not working at the pool where I Registers, it is not hashing there (i attempted several pools). Do you know any solutions?

I love you man! the only tutorial where everything not is going to swift or getting trouble to understand.. much love from the netherlands <,Three

I live te nys and bitcoin has a loterijlot of regulations now because u need a licence for $5000 to mine will this work spil a round about for that law and if so how do I have it directly waterput money into my account

I have AMD HD 7950 3GB

spil I waterput the script for cgminer

I have everything ready

only that I lack

hi guys nooby q if i may – I cannot open gui scrypt… the window does not emerge anywhere however i can see it te the process tree…. a faq told mij to delete a opstopping Delete C:UsersYouAppDataRoamingpoclbmpoclbm-scrypt.ini. but said verkeersopstopping

can you please listig mij to the fresh dropbox gui script spil the old listig is down thanks

spil of today, do you still consider that i embark lite coin mining i have Two r9280x gpus, but recently have seen a massive druppel te lite coin rates

also a ripple currency has emerged , Can you please explain it and how it can be used to generate money.

Sign up for Zencloud and i will pay for your very first 1MH WaffleHashlet. Offerande completes on Dec 8th

The goodgle authenticater wont take the code, i made two different accounts not to attempt it and it just wont work

Hardware cannot reach a terugwedstrijd on the investment. So… NO. Bad idea. Expect to lose your investment. Check calculators with a difficulty switch overheen time to see if te 1 month you will be making the same… you won`t be… there is simply too much hardware being brought online by too many manufacturers and they have only hurt themselves. Do not buy hardware, you will liberate your investment. They are now knowingly attempting to sell you goods they know you cannot profit from, but elementary calculators say that you will.

Does this still works, is it profitable if i would begin doing it now ?

gui miner wont vertoning my card only cpu? plzzzzz

google authenticator failed help?

I am nosey spil to why GPUs are better than CPUs for mining? And why AMDs are better than Nvidia?

When I look at my graphics card it says 7800 series (its AMD) what should I choose for the defaults?

When i attempt to run Guiminer-scrypt, it says i`m missing a importent DLL verkeersopstopping.

Thanks For The Go after On Twitter Domo!(:

the difficulty is now very high 20,232.630…how can wij make money with lite coin?

can litecoins be mined with bitcoin mining equipment ??

omg manchester united? thats wassup!

cant get the guiminer scrypt to embark. entered the informatie correctly and nothing. help anyone?

how do i install the guiminer scrypt

i have one hd7970 how muc h money can earn for month tnx for reaction i thinking about beginning minnig

haha ",it doesn`t matter to mij if ten fresh people embark mining", 90,000+ views on movie

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