The Best Bitcoin Apps for Android and iOS

Best Bitcoin App Games

It might come spil a verrassing, but there are slew of Bitcoin spel apps for Android and iOS. For all of us who like to play games, some of them are indeed special spil they can give us some free satoshis. Here is a list of top-rated choices!

Bitcoin Scratcher

Bitcoin Scratcher is a joy spel that permits you to earn Bitcoins while playing it. But what exactly do you need to do? Just like with regular scrape cards, you scrape the Bitcoin card to see whether yours is the winning one. If it is, you get satoshis that you can exchange for free Bitcoins. It truly is spil ordinary spil that! And if you don&rsquo,t like this one, simply check out…

Bitcoin Wonder Machine

Bitcoin Wonder Machine is another app for free and plain Bitcoin earning. The only thing you need to do is install and use it, and with just a bit of luck, you will soon begin accumulating your Bitcoins. It is connected with a Xapo wallet, and &ldquo,played&rdquo, like a vending machine. It is not only joy and colorful, but also makes it worth your time!

Bitcoin Honey

Bitcoin Honey is a dynamic, but enormously effortless spel where you can win fountains of Bitcoins simply by participating. Your only task is to choose among different faces, and if you manage to pick the right one, you could end up with up to 1,000 Bitcoins te your wallet. And if you want something even more arousing, check out the following spel!

Wheel of Bitcoins

Wheel of Bitcoins is exactly what the name suggests &ndash, a spel ter which you spin the wheel to earn your free Bitcoins. The process is very elementary &ndash, you inject the email address linked with your Bitcoin wallet and attempt your luck spinning the wheel. You can play it every 30 minutes, which permits for a loterijlot of possible winnings. But there is also Bitcoin Kienspel!

Bitcoin Kienspel

For all the Kienspel ventilatoren out there, this might be the flawless spel for earning Bitcoins on your phone. The spel is an actual Kienspel spel, the only difference being that the prize system is based on Bitcoins. Just imagine how much joy you could have, all the while making a profit and not losing a dime! But if you choose slots, you might want to consider…

Bitcoin Slots

Slots are among the most popular gokhal games. But you don&rsquo,t need to risk losing money with this one &ndash, Bitcoin Slots is a safe way to get your arms on Bitcoins totally free of charge. And to make it even better, it permits you to multiply your winnings up to four times!

Best Wallet Apps

Dealing with Bitcoins can be a loterijlot lighter if you take total advantage of everything technology has to suggest. When it comes to Bitcoins, most owners use wallet apps spil they are practical and ordinary to use.


Airbitz is very convenient, especially considering the fact you can use it on both iOS and Android devices. The app permits you to verbinding it to your canap account, limit your spending with the help of Speld numbers and passwords and use it even when the servers are down. You can also search your transactions by category and by payee.


Another app made for both iOS and Android, breadwallet is the only wallet that connects you directly to the network. This means you are a lotsbestemming safer when using it, and even if you lose your phone, you can recover everything simply by typing ter your recovery phrase. To make it even better, the app permits you to make very speedy transactions.


With Bither, using Bitcoins gets even simpler for both iOS and Android users. You can use it even te offline mode, te which you are permitted to sign transactions and monitor your network status. Hot mode, which is another term for online mode, doesn’t require registration because it is decentralized. It gets you notified every time a transaction has bot made.


A Bitcoin wallet for Android, Mycelium boasts epic cold storage. It permits you to secure all your funds totally for an unlimited amount of time. To make it even better, with it you can manage more than one account, and all the transactions are done very quickly.


Albeit it is an app made only for Android users, GreenBits has slew of advantages. It keeps you safe by providing you with your own utter knot and making sure everything is backed up all the time. And even if you can’t get service, you can recover your funds by using nLockTime transactions.

Bitcoin Wallet

This is an app for Android devices, and it is at the top of our list because it has received the best ratings. It doesn’t require registration, and is a peer-to-peer app. You can use it to have your digital currency displayed not only ter Bitcoins, but also ter mBTC. It is capable of converting to and from regular currencies spil well.

Green Address

Green Address is a Bitcoin wallet app that can be used by both iOS and Android owners. It uses BIP39 mnemonics, which permits it to make paper wallet backups. It protects you and your funds with multisignature addresses. Just like GreenBits, it uses nLockTime transactions to make sure you can recover your funds even when service is down.

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