UGAIN (Build up) Exchange

TrissFC: anandadeknik, how many goes do you think a person has ?

TrissFC: anandadeknik, and i hope you punch better then you insult on a troll opbergruimte

anandadeknik L1: i’m telegram masochist

wieyoga L1: TrissFC, your mouth like garbage

TrissFC: i’m telegram masochist

angelpalma2018 L2: liza its doing amazing

srujan1100: Accept it liza to 17 Sats ter 6 hours

Madrawn L1: i’m telegram masochist

TRMSG L3: Liza’s walls were pulled down

angelpalma2018 L2: TRMSG, i think its best ogenblik, Liza last week doesnt have so strong walls

TRMSG L3: Do not trust Liza’s 14th wall. An anda may vanish

TRMSG L3: angelpalma2018, I love lizay, let’s be careful

angelpalma2018 L2: TRMSG, yeap i know wij have to be cautiously, many whales and noobs

wolf06 L1: liza bad dame

angelpalma2018 L2: TRMSG, monday liza breakes all walls when fall down to 9sats, many manipulating ppl

angelpalma2018 L2: TRMSG, liza can fall down ter 30minutes, wij have to be here 24hrs

TRMSG L3: angelpalma2018, Yes I agree with you

angelpalma2018 L2: if liza breake den sell wall 16sats can rise quickly to Legal or 19sats, what do you think?

wolf06 L1: i’m telegram masochist

angelpalma2018 L2: but i think firt will pauze the buy wall to 14sats or lower

srujan1100: Liza soon to 17 Sats

angelpalma2018 L2: srujan1100, difficult to predict vol its to low and buy wall its lower, sell order its high

srujan1100: angelpalma2018, wait n see

angelpalma2018 L2: srujan1100, i think liza soon 14sats

nhtruong L6: I still have overheen 26 millions LIZA

angelpalma2018 L2: nhtruong, my schepper.. send mij 1mill

nhtruong L6: I will sell at the price 20 satoshi

nhtruong L6: everyday i got Two.6 milions coin

chiraweth L1: av can investBox 5%?

srujan1100: Liza strong to 17 Sats

angelpalma2018 L2: srujan1100, noup.. strong to 14 and 15sats

Guty89: go LIZA back to Legal sat

Waxload L1: rise little bird rise

angelpalma2018 L2: liza will down to 14sats sell

Waxload L1: and boucne backup

angelpalma2018 L2: liza all crimson, strong at 14sats

TEGUHANDRI L1: liza right now is the right choice . i have some liza . 25% i waterput ter ib &, 75% i trade daily . blessed trading

Guty89: Go LIZA to Legitimate sat

srujan1100: Liza buy will begin at 16 Sats

angelpalma2018 L2: noup.. ppl will sell at 14sats

andrew95 L4: Guty89, it will go 20 sat

Ramnu43: Strak coin OMG !! Five BTC volume

Ramnu43: Strak coin i think again 10sat coming?

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