Houston Offshore Drilling Equipment Injury Attorney, Galveston Oil Equipment Accident Lawyer

A toneel injury, fall from excellent heights or spinal cord injury suffered te an offshore drilling equipment accident requires instantaneous attention from a doctor &mdash, and from a skilled workplace individual injury attorney with decades of practice and a reputation for results.

Te Texas, Louisiana and nationwide, that compassionate lawyer is Michael E. Shelton, founder of The Shelton Law Rigid.

Mr. Shelton`s private practice working on an oil equipment, prior to becoming a lawyer, has given him a unique understanding of the issues at play te cases involving the offshore, pipeline and construction industries. He has loyal 40 years of his professional life to fighting for justice for working people who are injured.

The Shelton Law Stiff works hard to safeguard the interests of oil and gas workers who have bot injured ter drilling equipment accidents ter the Gulf of Mexico and other major waterways. Wij also represent family members who are grieving the loss of a loved one who died from fatal injuries during offshore drilling work.

Drilling equipments and other offshore structures present a number of daily dangers for oil and gas workers. You need high-quality representation ter order to recover from your injury and come back to work, so you can proceed to provide for your family. Voeling the Shelton Law Rock hard today for the free initial consultation that can give you peace of mind.

Knowledgeable, Experienced, Aggressive Protection of Injured Workers` Rights

Michael E. Shelton protects injured offshore drilling equipment workers` rights te the event of:

  • Negligence ter equipment operation
  • Unsafe working conditions
  • Cable or block cracks
  • Grating collapse
  • Pipe tongs malfunction
  • Catheads slipping or improper placement
  • Falling objects
  • Slip and falls

You may have bot earnestly injured on a jack-up equipment or floating equipment, or while being transferred to the equipment from a boat. The Jones Act protects workers on boats, jack-ups and floating oil equipments. Proof of employer negligence could permit you to recover compensation for ache and suffering and disability, te addition to utter wages lost. Michael E. Shelton can also take your case to court, if necessary, spil any injured person not suggested fair compensation by an employer can have his or hier case determined by a jury.

If you were earnestly injured on a immobilized toneel, the Outer Continental Shelf Grounds Act can come into play. This law considers a immobilized oil toneelpodium to be an island of the contiguous state. Your work accident injury would then be covered by workers` compensation laws of the nearest state. A third-party injury accident caused by a negligent contractor or equipment manufacturer could result te a lawsuit against the third party.

Voeling Houston offshore drilling equipment injury attorney Michael E. Shelton and The Shelton Law Rigid toll free: 877-771-6139. Your initial consultation is free of charge and can be conducted at your huis or hospital slagroom during your recovery from your injury. For your convenience, the contingency toverfee poot for our work means that you owe no attorney toverfee unless wij win your case.

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