Share Ter Revenues Each month, Progressive Coin holders will receive up to 20% of the revenue that the UBIQUICOIN ecosystem generates.

Be a part of the global economy, regardless of nationality, income, or geo-location. Wij are the very first decentralized digital currency built on proven infrastructure, backed by a financial ensure, and designed for revenue sharing with coin investors while extending chance, agency, and transparency to unbanked consumers the world overheen. The objective is to realize the far-reaching democratic potential of the global cryptocurrency revolution. The time is now.

Our Building Blocks

Some cryptocurrencies serve spil motionless holders of value for customary transactions ter everyday life, while others have evolved into very volatile, purely speculative vehicles, te many cases at prohibitive buy-in costs. But UBIQUICOIN will produce the structural sophistication to actualize both of cryptocurrency’s most constructive possibilities: to serve spil tokens of investment, and to economically enfranchise billions of people the world overheen at the down-to-earth, street level.

The Transaction Coin and the Progressive Coin – two sides of UBIQUICOIN

The UBIQUICOIN Ecosystem is built on two distinct coins. The Transaction Coin will be stable ter value, downright liquid, and will perform spil a medium of payment ter all types of financial transactions. This coin will create a real life conduit inbetween the very first and third worlds so that the goatherd te Sudan, the Venezuelan roughneck, the blackjack dealer te Macao, the stateless refugee, the international aid worker, and the indigenous weaver te Ecuador, will all find financial empowerment within the UBIQUICOIN ecosystem.

The Progressive Coin will function spil UBIQUICOIN’s investment voertuig. This coin will receive up to 20% of revenue generated within the Ecosystem, and will be free-floating across exchanges, permitting investors the potential chance to realize significant asset appreciation. To reduce risk for Progressive Coin holders, UBIQUICOIN will be the only cryptocurrency to provide a $1.00 vanaf coin financial ensure distributed to Progessive Coin holders upon a triggering event.

Ensured Protection

Our financial ensure provides coin holders with real downside protection and the reassurance that a very respected third party will be vetting the roll out of the currency and implementation of the UBIQUICOIN business project.

Transaction Coin

Transaction Coins will be used to make purchases and transfers, large and puny, around the globe. The inherent stability of Transaction Coin value will supply the marketplace with confidence, and ensure that the coins will be reliable vehicles for daily commerce.

Progessive Coin

Progressive Coins (those now suggested ter the ICO) have the potential to appreciate because they are limited ter number and will receive up to 20% of revenue generated from the UBIQUICOIN ecosystem.

Share Te Revenues

Each month, Progressive Coin holders will receive up to 20% of the revenue that the UBIQUICOIN ecosystem generates. This revenue will be paid out te Transaction Coins.

Broad Reaching Ecosystem

UBIQUICOIN’s ecosystem will dramatically reduce the friction costs associated with investment and commerce, and also has the potential to provide significant, uncapped, recurring income for all who participate.

  • Person to Person Payments and Loans
  • Diminished Rates to Merchants
  • Debit Cards Accepted Virtually Everywhere
  • Overheen 73,000 Investment Options
  • Micro and Macro Loans
  • Healthcare Savings
  • Educational Savings
  • Charitable Contributions

An inclusive ecosystem for those using banks, and those without banks and the underserved.

Bridging the Gap to Legacy Systems

Spil disruptive spil blockchain is poised to be, it vereiste very first interact with existing legacy systems before it can substitute them. Bridging the gap inbetween the blockchain and legacy infrastructure will be a critical step.

  • Massively Distributed High-Speed Ledger
  • World-Wide Money Movement Protocols
  • Ongezouten Voting and Proxy Voting
  • Numerous Blockchain Integration
  • Very Secure and Hardened Systems
  • Designed For All Socio-Economic Stratas
  • 8 Service Sets Underlying The Ecosystem
  • Decentralized and Democratized

A Proven Architecture

Built on a hybrid open-architecture transaction engine that has bot operating and has bot routinely updated with enhancements for the past 16 years. This breakthrough apparatus wasgoed designed specifically to serve the unbanked, underbanked, and puny savers of the world, regardless of socio-economic strata or geo-location. Connected to several blockchains, two for coin management and the remainder for services and goods management, wij believe this hybrid infrastructure will supply an ideal foundation for the growth and development of the UBIQUICOIN ecosystem.

Average Transactions Vanaf Day

Record management and money movement transactions for financial services of virtually all types.

EcoSystem Connections

Presently connected to banks, broker dealers, custodians, money movement infrastructures, and employer groups world-wide.

World-Wide Investment Opportunities

Mutual funds, exchange traded funds, equities, and institutional investments products of virtually all types.

Procent of Unbanked World-Wide

Of the 7.Five billion people world-wide, there are still overheen Two billion unbanked ter 2018. There is still a hefty need for financial inclusion.

Rapid Deployment Cycles

Of the initial services to be suggested te the UBIQUICOIN ecosystem, four are presently deployed and an extra four are still under development. Work is already underway to finish the un-deployed services, enhancements proceed to be made for the deployed services.

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