Biostar Releases TB350-BTC AMD AM4 Motherboard Aimed at Crypto Mining

The BIOSTAR TB350-BTC supports AMD&rsquo,s latest AM4 socket designed to work with the latest AMD AM4 APUs. With Bitcoin mining retaking a more attractive pricing lately, both old and fresh miners are still seeking ways to improve the efficiency and show of their mining systems.

Add to this the addition of other cryptocurrency like Ethereum, Zcash and more which have provided so much more for the mining community to work with.

With fresh GPUs suggesting more efficiency than previous generation, more GPUs can now be utilized for quicker ROI. This trend te utilizing numerous VGA cards can cause enormously hot operating conditions which may affect system stability which may lead to operation disruption with breakdowns and failures. With this latest motherboard, BIOSTAR is the very first and only brand to suggest a accomplish crypto mining motherboard lineup for any application making it the strongest family of specializing mining motherboards out right now. Not to mention, BIOSTAR TB350-BTC is the very first professional crypto mining motherboard for AMD AM4 podium. This is specially designed for AMD Ryzen paramours. They offerande a show and cost effective solution to make crypto mining lighter for all.

BIOSTAR TB350-BTC with six PCI-e slots for enthusiasts who wish to create an ultimate mining equipment to be loaded up with six graphics cards to boost up the mining speed for higher hash rate and make the mining spectacle most efficient. The uniquely designed two reserve AUX power connectors support the sufficient power to enhance the spectacle of graphics cards for more stable operation.

TB350-BTC is designed to withstand extreme operating conditions that can cause stability issues on traditional components. The enhanced nature of the BIOSTAR Professional Series assures its motherboard can bear and avoid issues that can cause downtime and profit loss.

The fresh BIOSTAR TB350-BTC features support for AMD AM4 processors including AMD A-series APUs. The motherboard will support up to 32GB of DDR4-2667 memory te dual-channel configuration. The houtvezelplaat features total Gigabit LAN from Realtek for swifter and better network voorstelling. The BIOSTAR TB350-BTC also features support for up to six PCI-e devices permitting maximum utilization of the motherboard for excellent ROI vanaf system. n terms of rear I/O connectivity, the BIOSTAR TB350-BTC has legacy PS/Two connector support, a single DVI for movie output. There&rsquo,s slew of USB ports te there with USB3.1 ports and USB2.0 ports. There&rsquo,s also the Realtek GBlan port and audio output ports.

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