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(Note: I wrote this last Tuesday, but held off publishing because no exchanges actually permitted Litecoin Specie (LCC) deposits, making this process pointless. There is now one exchange permitting LCC deposits and trades (see step Trio of the article), so it’s eventually possible to unload your LCC by following this guide.)

This past Sunday, the Litecoin (LTC) blockchain wasgoed hard-forked to create a fresh coin called Litecoin Contant (LCC), ter much the same way that Bitcoin Metselspecie wasgoed created back ter August of last year. Many te the cryptocurrency community consider forks like thesis to be plain metselspecie grabs at best, and potential scams at worst. Ter a sane world, Litecoin Specie should be almost worthless—but the cryptocurrency space is still saturated with people attempting to strike it rich on “the next Bitcoin/Litecoin/Ethereum”, and the uitzicht of buying up what they perceive spil Litecoin Two.0 for a fraction of the cost of the real thing voorwaarde seem truly appealing.

At least, that’s certainly the way it seems, given that the price of Litecoin Contant has enhanced about 500% since its creation toughly 48 hours ago. A single LCC coin is worth almost $Ten on YoBit.netwerk, the only exchange that is presently supporting LCC spil far spil I can tell. Given that the LCC hard fork created Ten times spil many coins spil there were on the original LTC blockchain (e.g.: for every 1 Litecoin, the fork created Ten Litecoin Contant coins), this is an objectively lachwekkend valuation that should hopefully sort itself out spil people embark to think more critically about essentially creating copies of wealth (update Two/25: the price on YoBit.netwerken is down to

$6, but deposits aren’t allowed—CryptoBridge does support deposits and trading, but the price of LCC is hovering around one dollar there).

But ter the meantime, those of us holding Litecoin at the time of the fork now also have some Litecoin Specie (10x spil much, to be exact—if you had Ten LTC when the fork occurred, you now also have 100 LCC). Given the current price of LCC, this is a fine chance to dump your forked coins and pick up some essentially free LTC (or ETH, BTC, USD…).

Read on for a basic guide on how to securely sell your LCC.

Claymore v11.0 yields vertoning increase, more dual-mining options

I normally don’t postbode about every fresh release of Claymore’s miner, but this one is a bit different ter that it’s very likely worth your time to make the upgrade from whichever release you presently have installed on your equipment(s). Version 11.0 of the popular miner wasgoed released about a week ago, and I’ve bot running it on my own equipments for several days now with no issues. The latest release offers the following:

  • Mining spectacle improvement (about +2% on my own Linux equipment vs. version Ten.Five)
  • Diminished developer toverfee when dual mining (from 2% to 1.5%)
  • Dual mining now supports coins which use the blake2s &, keccak algorithms (I’ve tested mining XVG alongside ETH with no problems)

You can get the latest version here. Note that you may have to whitelist it with your anti-virus software, spil many flag Claymore spil potential malware.

Linux Meltdown/Spectre patch ruins mining hashrates, here is the fix

If you rebooted your linux-based mining equipment at some point ter the last duo days, you may have noticed that your mining hashrate wasgoed drastically lower after your system restarted. What happened?

Turns out a kernal update designed to patch the Meltdown & Spectre vulnerabilities present ter Intel CPUs wasgoed deployed on January 9th, and it had the unintended consequence of negatively impacting GPU mining speed.

Gratefully, you can by hand eliminate the update for now. Just go after thesis instructions and you should be back to normal.

Thanks to the many readers that wrote te and made mij aware of the kwestie!

Fresh year, fresh cryptocurrency predictions

Glad (belated) Fresh Year! I intended to get this postbode up earlier, but I’ve bot under the weather lately.

Now that wij’re about a week into 2018, it’s very likely a good time to talk about what’s te store for cryptocurrency spil this decade winds down. I see daily questions from readers about my opinions on what the future holds, and I typically don’t react (especially regarding price predictions) because I just don’t know what’s going to toebijten tomorrow. With that said, I do think it’d be joy to take a few educated guesses regarding major cryptocurrency developments that’ll most likely toebijten te 2018-2019.

Read on for a look into CryptoBadger’s crystal ball!

Glad Holidays!

Just dreamed to take a minute and wish everyone a blessed holiday season!

I’ve heard from fairly a few of you overheen the past duo months, including some folks that began following my blog back ter 2013. A few of you have indicated that you’re now crypto-millionaires, which is incredible. While I toevluchthaven’t bot able to react to everyone individually, it’s bot indeed amazing hearing all of your stories.

Hope everyone has an pleasant holiday—look for my 2018 cryptocurrency predictions at some point ter the coming week!

My Ethereum Mining Guide has bot updated

Just a quick note that I eventually sat down and updated the hardware, Linux, and Windows sections of my Ethereum mining guide today, bringing everything up-to-date with current best practices.

The Linux setup guide especially is worth your attention if you set up your own equipment ter the latest past and have noticed a slow degradation te speed overheen time spil the Ethereum DAG verkeersopstopping has grown ter size. The guide now uses the recently-released (for Linux anyway) AMD blockchain compute drivers, along with the latest version of Claymore’s miner, which should bring your equipment back up to its original speed (my own quad GPU equipment had degraded down to

80 MH/s since May, after installation I’m back up to

Bitcoin: it’s overheen 9000 (dollars)!

With Bitcoin’s price presently hovering around $9,400 on Coinbase, it’s time for the obligatory “it’s overheen 9000” postbode. Bitcoin’s value has bot enhancing steadily overheen the past 48 hours, hitting fresh all-time highs almost hourly—and it doesn’t look like it’s slowing down. Let’s all pause and recall that one bitcoin cost a mere

$700 just one year ago!

The rapid latest price inflation is most likely due to the “Thanksgiving effect”. Holidays are a prime chance for tech-saavy family members to extol the virtues of cryptocurrency to less technology-literate relatives. I’d wager that fairly a few Thanksgiving dinner discussions revolved around Bitcoin, which caused masses of newly-exposed people to invest (Coinbase reportedly added overheen 100,000 fresh users on Thanksgiving).

It’s not just Bitcoin that’s up—cryptocurrency ter general has seen double-digit gains overheen the past week. Ethereum and Litecoin are actually both up more than Bitcoin, at

I’ve bot telling people for months that 2018 will be the year of the five-figure Bitcoin. It looks like I wasgoed most likely wrong—at this rate, wij’re going to see Bitcoin top $Ten,000 before 2018 is overheen.

Bitcoin’s SegWit2x fork postponed indefinitely

With only a week to go before its planned implementation, yesterday’s announcement that Bitcoin’s planned SegWit2x fork is being shelved indefinitely came spil somewhat of a verrassing.

Ultimately this is good news. Bitcoin is already confusing enough to the average individual without another fork caused by lack of community overeenstemming added to the mix—especially te the wake of the (very) latest Bitcoin Contant and Bitcoin Gold forks. Many view thesis latest forks spil nothing more than scams designed to create wealth “out of skinny air” by creating duplicate coins, and killing SegWit2x instead of further fracturing Bitcoin sends the right message.

The way that the SegWit2x saga unfolded still leaves a bad taste ter my mouth, however. I suspect that the six individuals responsible for SegWit2x and its cancellation became fairly a bit wealthier collectively overheen the past 24 hours. Judging from cryptocurrency pricing trends overheen the past duo weeks, fairly a few investors have bot shifting their funds from altcoins to BTC ter anticipation of their “free” SegWit2x coins on the fork date. Te the hours following the announcement that SegWit2x wasgoed dead, BTC dropped about 10%—and predictably, altcoins embarked rising steadily spil people began converting their BTC back into other coins. Timing the cancellation announcement so close to the planned implementation (with Bitcoin’s price at an all-time high) very likely made some insiders rich at the expense of the masses (like this unfortunate soul). Welcome to unregulated markets!

Ethereum’s Byzantium hard fork is imminent

Just a quick goes up that the Ethereum network will practice a planned hard fork at some point early tomorrow. A few of you have emailed mij with questions about what you need to do to prepare, and the brief reaction is that no activity is instantly necessary if you’re primarily worried about the continued operation of your miners. Your equipments will proceed mining after the fork, and your mining pool will proceed payouts to your wallet address (most large pools, including ethermine and nanopool, have already announced readiness for the fork).

You will need to make sure to update your wallet software before creating fresh transactions (e.g.: sending your ETH to another address) on the Ethereum network post-fork. You don’t need to do this immediately—just make sure that you update before sending coins from your wallet. The latest release of Waas (the official Ethereum client, and the wallet I generally recommend) can be found here. If you use another wallet, make sure that you grab the latest update from your wallet provider.

If you followed my mining guide and installed geth to generate your initial wallet address, there is no need to update it unless you want to use geth to perform manual transactions (which I indeed don’t recommend!).

Onderdaan King creates their own “Whoppercoin” cryptocurrency te Russia

If you’re looking for evidence that pretty much everyone is leaping onto the cryptocurrency bandwagon, look no further—Burger Kings ter Russia are now suggesting customers promotional “Whoppercoins” with the purchase of every Whopper. Yes, indeed.

The Whoppercoin tokens were reportedly issued using the Flaps Toneel, and the value of each token isn’t yet clear—though speculation indicates that Whoppercoins will eventually be redeemable at Onderdaan King restaurants for food.

Russian Onderdaan Kings are also slated to embark accepting Bitcoin spil a payment method this year.

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