Has Your Laptop Bot Mining Monero Without Telling You, Investitute

Many of us worry about how “free WiFi” can be used to spy on us. But how would you feel if your tour for that morning cup of joe led to using your pc spil an anonymous cryptocurrency mining device? That’s just what happened ter Buenos Aires recently.

A bit of code created by Coinhive has bot used to mine Monero with people&rsquo,s CPUs at a Starbucks ter Buenos Aires. Evidently the Wi-Fi provider coerced a 10-second delay when connecting so it could mine the cryptocurrency with people&rsquo,s laptops.

A CEO of a Fresh York tech company wasgoed visiting Argentina, walked into a Starbucks, booted up his laptop and noticed something fishy:

Mr Dinkin found the Coinhive code used at three other locations spil well. Starbucks responded with the following:

Jon Najarian

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