How My Cryptocurrency Mining Farm Makes ~$500 USD a day – VoskCoin 01

$500 USD a day – VoskCoin 01/Legal Update

Hey wolfpack kicking off 2018 utter speed ahead, China said it’s the year of the dog, personally I think its the year of crypto. Update on the VoskCoin mining farm where I am mining Bitcoin, ZenCash, ZClassic, ZCash, Bitcoinz, Monero, Burstcoin, and Ethereum.

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Want to build your own GPU Mining Equipment? Check out this movie and the total parts list below! ($25 rebate atm) (Alternative seller) (Better price Altstem.)

Mining Shelf Rack

PCIE 1x 6 speld to 2x 6+Two speld

Arctic Silver Kolenkit 750w EVGA 1200w EVGA 750w Server 1200w Server (Gold) Pico PSU ATX Adap.

Powerline Ethernet Adapter

smOS Mining OS used

Gen Mining Ref. Verbinding / Code = p7Yi4l

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$500 USD a day – VoskCoin 01/Legal Update&rdquo,

Consider supporting the channel by using our Amazon Affiliate linksaf to help fund more content!

Want to build your own GPU Mining Equipment? Check out this movie and the total parts list below!

Utter 12 1060 MINING Equipment PART LIST

Mining Shelf Rack

PCIE 1x 6 speld to 2x 6+Two speld

Arctic Silver Kolenkit

Powerline Ethernet Adapter

smOS Mining OS used

VoskCoin can i mine altstem coins? Do i need software?

im accomplish noob to crypto building my very first equipment this weekend with rx 570 4gb will eventually get all six but gonna begin with three. next equipment i build ill save alot more money than this one. Tho’ this one is my learning machine. like your vids on hard wallets product reviews.

lol i still play frozen throne lets go 1v1 cypto on the line

Narcotica want a hat and a T-shirt

Hey man! I ultimately embarked the 1070ti equipment after selling the L3+. Just attempting to find a good power to show ratio clocking the 7 cards now. So far 3250 sol/s but keeping the cards at under 60c and using 120watt each!

All thanks te part to your guides spil well

Warcraft Trio rocks.

Love your work man! Keep it going!

Bro!! Wij need to see that shed series! Everyday I get on YouTube like, ",Vosk got that shed series out yet!?", nope Feel like I`m waiting for the next season of Spel of Thrones overheen here. I`m Ten seconds away from embarking my own shed but I`m attempting to be patient so I can get that Vosk skill very first. Thanks for what you do, you`ve bot a gigantic enabler for mij on my own mining journey. 7200 SOLs and climbing!

Being 34y old and coming from playing every warcraft from the begin from from I to III with expansions on II &, III and also Starcraft when it came out (My laptop at the time barley played it!) and Starcraft II, I by far agree that The ",Original Starcraft", superseded all of them (No I never got into or played WoW! and won`t). Same goes for Diablo, I played them all, and still love the Original the best. Sorry dude!

DUDE YES WCIII FT wasgoed the titties. Love the channel bro

So Vosk when its time to sell your old gpus to upgrade to fresh ones. What marketplace do you recommend, amazon, ebay, craigslist, ect.

I`m fresh to bitcoin mining and I want to embark it. Please tell mij the mandatory things to mine. I have a budget of around $500 to spend for a mining equipment. What Is the best equipment I can setup?

Hey man love the channel! I cant tell you how helpful its bot. Not only your technical expertise but just witnessing someone who`s doing it. Helps block out the haters haha I got my very first GPU miner up and running (8 RX 570s) and I have a few asic miners otw! Thanks again man!

Congrats on 30k! Thanks for the farm update and transparency, good for experienced and noobs alike. 2018.

Hey man. I`m loving your movies. I`ve learned a ton from you. I have crypto ready to send to newegg or I can sell and buy from Amazon. You mentioned it helps you out if I go through Amazon with your verbinding I guess. So, I want to build a mashup of you ",best verschrikt for buck equipment", and the ",ongezouten inject trio!", Only problem is… part list.

I know your a busy man but… if you could take the time to listig part list for that that would be awesome. Ill use your Amazon linksaf. Thanks man!

Keep them coming. I don`t mine, but love all those chips and vinnig. Looks so geeky.

LOL i still play frozen throne. The games still pack up and is still very playable

Hey man! I alredy loved your movies, I`m learning so much! I can see alot of myself ter you and that truly feels cool. Also when you stated that WC3 frozen throne wasgoed the best spel, it did you. You`re now my favourite! Keep the cool movies coming and make sure you get those merch out soon for us!

Good movie spil always Voskcoin.

I recently got into mining and began off with a 6x 1070 equipment and your movies has bot so much help to mij and I am now expanding with another 6x and 12x 1070 ti equipment.

Spil an proprietor of three dogs hearing about Tails cracks my heart. Get well soon Tails!

I am thinking about building one of your ",best ontsteld for buck", 12×,1060 equipments but I wasgoed wondering if it`s still doable to run with 3gb? I`ve read that they might become obsolete for mining ETH soon but does the same go for equihash?

Keep it up mate!

noob question waakzaam. Any reason why you make equipments with only 3gb cards? when do you think 3gb cards won`t be able to mine anymore? love the content Vosk

You paying tax on that?

I think the Tri-Miner is my project.

Consume fat amounts of energy and resources, yet makes money. Strange world wij live ter. Absolutely bonkers truly. This so called mining, creates a coin/token, by which people then link a value, but you haven`t done anything substantial. Its insane that the world prizes this kleintje of work. Nothing against those that do this, its just the world wij live ter. But then, the worlds pretty messed up te many other ways spil well. Somethings fairly not right here.

",Consume thick amounts of energy and resources, yet makes money", Uhh, yeah? No shit lmao. If someone is consuming large amounts of energy &, resources, they`re likely doing so because there`s a payoff ter doing so.

",You haven`t done anything substantial.", The fact that you think that just clearly shows you don`t understand the tech behind cryptocurrency is, or what cryptocurrency even is for that matter.

WarCraft III wasgoed epic! My favourite Blizzard titled. Followed closely by Diablo II.:D

can you please make a movie about what kleuter of upgrades you had to do for the violet wand supply to your house / farm?

hey vosk can you please explain how you convert your mined coins into USD, say I wasgoed mining gobyte or any other altstem coin. how do I get the actual money for my mining, thanks for all the informatie.

Any more informatie on HDD mining?

The fact that you`ve 7 gcards etc is a good asset if crypto goes to shit, there is a loterijlot of resell value.

I`m gonna build somewhat of a equipment zometeen or, when I`ve the space

Please make a skycoin vid

SMOS setup for edge mining PLEASE bro

I think you just coaxed mij into getting into my own mining operation. I presently invest ter bitcoin and altcoins, do cloud mining and lending…I`m guessing it won`t hurt to diversify even more. Thanks again.

Which is the best card to buy for mining? RX580 8gb or 1060 6gb? Or do you have other options? Thanks

Take the best of #BitcoinCash (cheap and swift tx) with the best of #BitcoinGold (equihash gpu mining) and add true replay protection, #Zcash Zk-Snarks privacy technology and a fine community!

boohooo, reign of puinhoop!

Yo Vosk!, slow down, I ust witnessed workers outside te 34deg weather sweating @ the Amazon warehouse from attempting to pack your orders! I`m thinking ethash algo now since all the big frofit players are building off the Ehernet blockchain. Now mining ETH and Expanse with ethminer-fork. Kodak anounced yesterday they are building a chain off Ethernet for photo licensing, I day-trade and leaped on the stock yesterday, just sold, it leaped 4x, so I actually made almost 1000x what I made mining equihash on my dual 1060 equipment ter the last 14hrs. Kodak also filed ICO for ",kodak coins",, Three other companies involed including Appcoins (APPC). Oil companies soon to be building off the ethereum blockchain also to budge phat gegevens and create coins….. sorry, gotta get back to trading…. had to mention! I`m thinking a dual rx 480 x4 or rx580 x8 so will use your links…. see ya!

Truly love your youtube channel. Consider it one of the best on the subject for Cryptomining. Will you please share where you were able to pick up a GTX 1070 Ti for $450. I am not eyeing that toebijten anywhere with stock being out and most online dealers severely price gouging. If you go after your Amazon linksom all the third party sellers are seeling GPUs for sometimes dual or more the MSRP price. So please do share where you were able to get a 1070 Ti for $450. I do reminisce others asking spil well. Thanks so much for all your amazing work.

Can you please ongezouten mij to a movie on how to set up the bios on the motherboard and clock speed on the GPUs? I have all of the hardware parts, but no software. Do I need windows Ten? What about Linux? Sorry, just need some help.

Hey Friend! Love the vids and how helpful you are with all this. Anyway you could help mij out? I have Four OLD msi R7 370 Cards and Two R9 380 Cards. I can`t figure out on how to calculate what I need to be mining. Also, when I do figure out what to mine… This is stupid, I know, But do I stream the script on a flash drive on my main windows opbergruimte and then take that thumb drive overheen to Equipment and somehow it will run off that?

The macbook on the left looks so big compare to him! hes puny or the macbook is meaty. ^^


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