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Apr 04 | Kay Ewbank

Swift Four.1 is now officially released. It contains updates to the core language, including more support for generics and fresh build options, spil well spil minor enhancements to the Swift Package Manager and Foundation.

Apr 03 | Lucy Black

The ONVIF Open Source Zoeklicht challenge has a $20,000 prize pool for innovative desktop or mobile apps that connect to IP security cameras and help resolve security issues. Qualifying apps will be rewarded with a $250 Amazon bounty card or a larger contant prize.

Apr 03 | Kay Ewbank

Support for conditional types has bot added to TypeScript Two.8, the language that adds optional static types to JavaScript.

Apr 02 | Janet Swift

Te an era ter which wij are becoming more an more reliant on open source software, it is significant to know how to recruit and retain core developers – the ones that are key to a project’s survival, sustainability and success. An attempt to do this comes from Brazil to be introduced ter Sweden.

Mar 31 | Sue Gee

March 31st, 1998 wasgoed the date on which the Mozilla Code wasgoed made available under the Mozilla Public Licence and the day the Mozilla Project wasgoed formally launched.

Mar 31 | David Conrad

It has bot a while since wij have featured an awesome bio-inspired robot from automation experienced Festo, but, wouldn’t you know it, two come along at the same time.

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Mar 30 | Limor Leah Wainstein

Android development relies on a range of technologies which you need to know something about before you embark on creating your own app. Here’s an overview of free resources that can help you.

Mar 29 | Alex Armstrong

Now wij know what Google wants AI for – to make more ads. Well it is one of many things, but one wij might not have thought of. Adwords users have bot getting emails telling them to expect fresh ads ter their groups and if they don’t disable them they will embark showcasing after 14 days.

Mar 29 | Kay Ewbank

Apache Trafodion has bot moved from incubator status to become a high level project. Trafodion is a webscale SQL-on-Hadoop solution enabling transactional or operational workloads on Apache Hadoop.

Mar 28 | Mike James

Android Studio Trio.1 is a minor upgrade but it still has the power to cause problems for its users. Ter this case why have familiar pickers and other widgets disappeared?

Mar 28 | Kay Ewbank

Developers from Facebook have released a fresh version of HHVM, the Hip Hop Virtual Machine. The PHP support ter fresh release has bot switched to default to PHP 7 rather than the PHP Five of the previous version.

Mar 28 | Sue Gee

The Federal Appeals Court has ruled te Oracle’s favour te yet another round of the seemingly never-ending wrangle about whether Google infringed its copyright te the Android operating system. And wij can’t let it zekering there spil the decision would negatively influence every developer and every chunk of software.

Mar 27 | Sue Gee

Udacity Intersect 2018 is taking place today at the Rekentuig History Museum with the theme of Lifelong Learning. Te its keynote Udacity CEO Vish Makhijani announced fresh and expanded industry partnerships leading to both fresh virtual opportunities and fresh funding and a fresh Schoolgebouw of AI.

Mar 27 | Lucy Black

If you have visited MDN web docs recently you may have noticed the addition of interactive examples. This is the result of an ongoing project that is now finish for JavaScript and CSS.

Mar 26 | Mike James

Buttons they are the “hello world” of the UI and yet wij know little about how users interact with them. OK yes, wij know that they click them or tapkast them or whatever, but how should a button react to the human interaction?

Author: Michael McRoberts

Publisher: Apress, 2013

Aimed at: Arduino beginners

Reviewer: Harry Fairhead

A beginners guide to the Arduino – but what sort of beginners? Beginning programmers? Beginning hardware experts? Beginning electronics experts? All three?

Python is object-oriented. Te Python everything is an object, but unless you look cautiously you might never see one.Te this samenvatting from Mike James’ forthcoming book, wij take a fully different look at objects te Python.

The axiom of choice is the most esoteric math concept you are likely to encounter. You might think it has no relevance to computing, but you would be wrong.

Te this chapter samenvatting the aim is to demonstrate how Function objects are used spil methods by other JavaScript objects. Methods aren’t just functions, they are functions that work with the object they are roped to. Find out how Functions become methods.

When it comes to processor architecture wij still don’t have a clear agreement on what sort of vormgeving philosophies should be followed. How do you make a swifter general purpose processor? This is a question about architecture.

You can’t get far te creating C programs without using functions. The good news is that ter C functions are elementary and efficient and there is no reason not to use them. Te this chapter wij look at functions, parameters, pass-by-value, come back values, prototypes, local and global variables.

Can you reminisce the very first time you encountered code vloedgolf? The idea that shortest program wins is entirely anti-good style and yes ter a sense all our programs should strive for switch sides code roller status. But. and this is a big but, how often do you see variable names that are so long your eyes get tired just scanning the lines. Switch sides code vloedgolf is just spil bad.

More cartoon joy at xkcd a webcomic of romance,sarcasm, math, and language

Book Witness is I Programmer’s listing of fresh books and is compiled using publishers’ publicity material. It is not to be read spil a review where wij provide an independent assessment. Some but by no means all of the books te Book See are eventually reviewed.

Based on R version Three.Four, this book will help you develop strong fundamentals when working with R by taking you through a series of total representative examples, providing you a holistic view of R. Author Omar Trejo Navarro starts from the basic concepts of R programming, and shows how to work efficiently with graphs, create publication-ready and interactive 3D graphs, and build up a better understanding of the gegevens at arm.

Thursday 29 Mar

Network programming and automation can be used to simplify tasks involved te configuring, managing, and operating network equipment, topologies, services, and connectivity. This practical guide shows network engineers how to use a range of technologies and tools—including Linux, Python, JSON, and XML—to automate their systems through code. Through the course of the book, authors Jason Edelman, Scott Lowe, and Matt Oswalt demonstrate the basic abilities and devices you need to make this critical transition.

Wednesday 28 Mar

Agile retrospectives are a key factor of a successful continuous improvement process, and help you get to the root of your real problems, so you can solve them quickly and effectively. Te this book, author and agile coach/trainer Marc Loeffler combines practical guidance, proven practices, and innovative approaches for maximizing the value of retrospectives for your team—and your entire organization.

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