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Juniper Research just released a forecast, “The future of Cryptocurrency – Deep Dive Gegevens &, Forecasting 2016-2021,” which attributes a price prediction and tripling te bitcoin’s transaction value this year to three specific factors.

The investment bank-grade forecast contains 24 tables, six ‘what-if’ analyses, and almost 1,900 gegevens points to illustrate their prediction. The PDF is available for 1,990, or about $Two,646 at press time.

“The emergence of Bitcoin and an array of alternative cryptocurrencies overheen the past Five years has bot one of the true phenomena of eCommerce. Primarily a purely P2P (Person To Person) mechanism, cryptocurrencies are increasingly being suggested by online retailers spil purchasing options.”

– Dr. Windsor Holden, Juniper Research

The forecast includes several key gegevens points for the next five years, violated into regions, including the active number of Bitcoin and altcoin users, average bitcoin transaction volumes, total bitcoin transaction volumes, average bitcoin transaction values, and total transaction values for the Bitcoin network.

All bitcoin volumes and values are said to be split by exchange, and retail use. The latter is forecast to reach beyond US$92 billion this year, three times their estimation for last year.

An interactive spreadsheet provided with the report offers raw gegevens split into service type, channel, regional and key country markets. The gegevens enables firms and users to create custom-built charts for specific markets and sectors, or to create scenario-based models.

A free whitepaper, “Will bitcoin bite back?,” helps set the stage for the forecast, explaining bitcoin’s history and scale. The six pagina document also defines ‘Exchange Security’ and ‘Volatility’ spil the two largest challenges ter cryptocurrency adoption. The final pagina gives a detailed explanation of what’s inwards the total forecast.

Juniper states that there are three primary factors driving the price of bitcoin upwards, Uncertainty overheen Brexit, the continued weakness of the Chinese economy, and a reduction ter the bitcoin supply known spil ‘the halvening.’ The author also mentions the fear of a possible Trump presidency.

“If Donald Trump becomes Voorzitter of the US, there is the very real uitzicht of turmoil on world markets – the Economist Intelligence Unit ranks his Presidency within the Top Ten global risks,” states the whitepaper. “Bitcoin trading would thrive ter such an environment, at least until the influence on major fiat currencies becomes clear.”

“The research argued that Bitcoin’s value is to a significant extent dependent upon economic uncertainty and political instability spil investors seek safe havens for their assets.”

Founded te 2001, Juniper Research is a top market research rock-hard that provides coverage of the FinTech, mobile, and online technology space spil well spil disruptive technologies which the stiff sees spil “becoming mainstream te the next few years.”

Headquartered ter the United Kingdom, the analyst house provides industry skill for clients ter many different sectors and industries. According to their webstek, the rigid has bot suggesting research into payments, banking and financial services for more than a decade, to a client list that includes American Express, Apple, Canap of America, Barclays, Cisco, Citi, Disney, IBM, MoneyGram, Pfizer, Siemens, Sony, Verizon and Visa.

Dr. Holden’s report is the latest and most sturdy publication ter Juniper’s research section, “The future of Cryptocurrency,” and includes the 2nd price forecast for cryptocurrencies made by the hard.

A March 2015 report, “The Future of Cryptocurrency: Bitcoin &, Altcoin Influence &, Opportunities 2015-2019,” states that the number of active Bitcoin users “will reach Four.7 million by the end of 2019, up from just overheen 1.Trio million last year.”

While Juniper may have produced the most in-depth forecast for bitcoin, it’s far from being the only company making predictions about bitcoin’s price. Bold predictions sometimes come from people both inwards and outside of the industry.

Zebpay, an Indian bitcoin exchange, published a blog postbode with its own 2016 forecast ter February, which highlighted far more factors than Juniper’s three. Albeit it wasgoed light on actual numbers, Zebpay suggested “start accumulating ter January and reap fruits ter June,” primarily due to the halving.

Vinny Lingham, the CEO of Civic and co-founder of Gyft, has made some solid predictions about bitcoin’s price ter the past. The outspoken bitcoin entrepreneur and speaker predicted $1,000 vanaf bitcoin te the very first half of 2013. By year’s end it had reached $1,200.

Raising a few eyebrows and tempers, the following spring he predicted that it would not comeback to the $1,000 range for the entirety of 2014. That year it continued to bury from the high $700s to $321, concluding bitcoin’s worst performing year.

Many media outlets have therefore quoted Lingham’s third prediction, made this spring when the price of a bitcoin wasgoed te the low $400’s: Bitcoin will come back to $1,000+ by the end of 2016, and will shove past $Three,000 ter 2018.

Venture Capitalist Tim Draper has also made his fair share of good predictions, and is one of the largest buyers of the auctioned Silk Road coins. Draper made a more daring price prediction ter April, $Ten,000 vanaf bitcoin within three years.

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