Logos Fund: World’s Very first Bitcoin Mining Fund – The Logos Fund

Logos Fund: World’s Very first Bitcoin Mining Fund

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Leading cloud mining company Genesis Mining has announced the launch of Logos Fund, the world’s very first bitcoin mining fund.

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Genesis Mining Launches Logos Fund

Genesis miningThe fund, called the Logos Fund, filed Form D with the SEC with the United States Securities and Exchange Commission last week. The Logos fund will serve high net-worth individuals, investment funds and accredited investors.

This fund from Genesis will permit investors to get into bitcoin mining without purchasing and managing their own hardware. They can simply invest te the Logos Fund, which will give them access to Genesis Mining’s “industry expertise, large scale operations, and discounted hardware.”

Genesis Mining will inject the fund with $1 million USD of its own capital to get the fund began. Logos Fund will be managed by Bjorn Tilmann Arzt and others, who have combined practice of 30 years ter fund management and financial services law.

Genesis Mining CEO Marco Streng stated:

“We’ve made a habit of listening to our customers and doing what they ask. This is what’s permitted us to reach overheen 100,000 customers ter just two years and what will make this fund a success. When you receive $100 million worth of inquiries from big-time investors looking to inject the market, you’d be foolish not to listen and build a solution.”

Genesis mining wasgoed launched te early 2014, and has always bot dedicated to “transparency, community activism, and onveranderlijk innovation.” The company believes that this dedication has permitted them to “scale swifter and more effectively than many other companies ter the industry. Ter November 2015, Genesis reached a milestone of overheen 100,000 customers. Additionally, during its two years of operation, the company has received overheen $100 million ter inquiries from professional investors.

The cloud mining rock-hard has bot featured te several mainstream news publications, including the Fresh York Postbode, Business Insider, Bloomberg Business and The Economist.

Genesis operates three mining farms located te Europe, America and Asia, but it has not exposed the precies locations of thesis farms for security reasons. The company also has two mining facilities that suggest a livestream to the public. People can observe Genesis Mining operations ter real time at the Bitcoin and X11 mining facilities ter Iceland.

Name: Paulo Fiorio, Marketing Manager – Genesis Mining

City and Country Location: Hong Kong, China

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