MBit Gokhal Adds Litecoin, Bitcoin Contant and Dogecoin

BY Press Releases ON December 27, 2018

It has just bot announced that mBit Gokhal will now support Three fresh cryptocurrencies, making them one of the very first major Bitcoin casinos to support Dogecoin spil well spil Trio of the Five largest cryptocurrencies based on market capitalization. Embarking today, players can gamble online at mBitCasino.com using Bitcoin, Bitcoin Contant, Litecoin and Dogecoin.

Before mBit Gokhal added support for thesis fresh currencies, gamblers were limited to playing online with Bitcoin. Spil cryptocurrencies and altcoins proceed to build up popularity, more and more Bitcoin owners are diversifying their holdings with digital currencies like Litecoin, Dogecoin and Bitcoin Metselspecie.

Latest Issues with Bitcoin

All of the latest problems associated with the scaling of Bitcoin (such spil enlargening TX fees and slower confirmation times) have made it more difficult for crypto enthusiasts to gamble online, spil the options for casinos who support cryptocurrencies like LTC, DOGE and BCH is almost non-existent.

A representative of mBit Gokhal recently commented on their stir to support thesis extra cryptocurrencies:

“This transition has bot an significant one. Wij noticed exceptional Bitcoin transaction fees ter latest weeks spil the blockchain got clogged with unconfirmed transactions. By adding support for cryptocurrencies like LTC, DOGE and BCH, our players will be able to spend much less on transaction fees. Wij also hope it will lead to quicker confirmation times and a more fluent gaming practice.”

Philip Aaker, CEO of mBit Gokhal.

Ter the beginning of 2018 mBit will be adding even more currencies to their podium beyond BTC, LTC, BCH and DOGE. The most popular cryptocurrency will include Ethereum, which is scheduled to be integrated te mid-January.

Gambling with Cryptocurrencies Made Effortless

If you wielded Litecoin, Dogecoin or Bitcoin Contant before today and wished to gamble online, you would often have to hop through hoops to do so. The process involved selling your cryptocurrency for Bitcoin on a third party exchange webpagina, waiting for the trade to clear and sending the BTC to your gokhal wallet, a long and complicated process.

That process has just bot simplified via mBit Gokhal, because gamblers can now play slots, table games, movie poker and other popular games using their beloved digital currencies without having to convert them back and forward to BTC through a third party.

Playing at mBit Gokhal

This latest budge means that mBit Casino’s existing Bitcoin games – including popular slots and table games from a broad range of well-known online gaming providers – are now available to players ter each of thesis fresh currencies. If you want to use cryptocurrencies to gamble online, you can start your journey at mBit Gokhal by signing up for an account and funding it with any of their supported coins.

Once the funds have bot sent to your wallet at mBit Gokhal, your account will be credited spil soon spil the transaction emerges on the blockchain of that currency. After that, you’ll be able to embark playing real-money cryptocurrency games instantly!

Cryptocurrency Bonuses at mBit Gokhal

If you don’t already have an account, make sure you sign up now so you can play with a 110% verzekeringspremie on top of your very first deposit using Bitcoin, Bitcoin Metselspecie, Litecoin or Dogecoin! Their welcome premie is automatic, and is credited to your account virtually instantly upon depositing. If you are subscribed to their newsletter, you will also receive weekend promotions, cashback offers and other off the hook bonuses!


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