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Shekar Singh

Minergate idiots you Blocked mij in…

Minergate idiots you Blocked mij te Facebok and twitter ?

Ivan V

An fair 4-month user

Minergate is a very good miner for beginners, I conclude.

I`ve bot mining Bytecoin (BCN) since October and the value of those $0.40 has risen to $Four.40! An 11-fold increase!

It has an easy-to-use interface that can support several computers, phones, laptops, etc at the same time!


I Called them out for their scam an …

I Called them out for their scam an they treated mij by listing information about Mij they are no joke and part of organize crime I only write this because i take their threat gravely

up and down

Totally took overheen my rekentuig with …

Fully took overheen my rekentuig with viruses, malware, trojans, and keyloggers. Ended up with $250,000 ter crypto stolen off my laptop.

This is the thief`s address ARDOR-HKCS-V6N8-FH7T-A3SLF

andy lin (mine248)

scammed mij spil money wasgoed witheld

scammed mij spil money wasgoed witheld


I would recommend this company to …

I would recommend this company to anyone.


I don`t know if it is a scam but it may …

I don`t know if it is a scam but it may be not. I bought a petite amount GHs te July and week ago i withdrew 0.005 BTC and it wasgoed on my wallet ter minutes. So I bought another contract and will see if i will able to withdraw again. But people say that it is a scam so I am not sure but wait and see.

Michael McLeod

No problem at all

No problem at all. every withdrawl has bot processed and received. Not sure where all the hate is coming from here. Minergate team I have found helpful and responsive they implement ideas from their users, I have for one, and they listen. Permanently improving their porgram.

Gian Luca Brizi

SCAM. You wait your ondergrens Withdraw amount but it will not be given to you. They only take advantage from rookies. They will not reply to support emails. When you learn to be Scammed you close the account, and they are blessed because the have free miners to use for their profit.

ITALIAN: attenzione sono truffatori. A loro interessano ineofiti che si accingono a minare. Quando raggiungerete il vostro minimo da riscuotere loro non ve lo danno, voi chiudete e passate altrove, moeder loro hanno gia guadagnato il vostro minimo vanaf se!! Le truffe non ci sono solo ter Italia!


I just began. plain process to get …

I just embarked. ordinary process to get set up. I will update straks whether or not I can withdraw once the mining reaches the qualified withdrawal ondergrens of 0.01 Bitcoins. Most mining sites are scams and you only find out when it comes to withdrawal time. They usually don`t let you withdraw so that`s how you know it`s a scam. So I waterput very little money te to test this system. I will update you straks on another review if they are legit.

Stuart McGregor

Missing XMR

I had .8 XMR transferred 6 months ago. It still isn`t te my wallet. The blockchain says the transactions are incomplete. MinerGate says they are. Make your own deductions

Matthew Harrison

Scam – Don`t waste your time and money

Locked mij out of my account just before I reached the ondergrens withdrawal limit and now blames it on my network.

bitcoin cat

this is a total scam webstek they don`t …

this is a total scam webstek they don`t pay out they reject to provide support if you ask any questions online they block you.

at the ogenblik they are preventing users from their finances and are lounging about it. just another crypto webpagina that will vanish with ter the next year.

terrible staff service and software, you can do better

don`t even think of getting a mining contract from them!

you will send them bitcoins, then they will optie they need more because ",BTC rates are volatile",

and never refund your coins

seems like a seedy company if they hide behind GoDaddy’s Domains by Proxy

Check for your self-using whois

the is no voeling information or even where the company is located

and Talyah Darst you have no customer service abilities at all

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