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The Moon Kingdom has a total of 50 star-bit region purple coins. Find out all their locations with this Moon Kingdom Purple Coins guide.

You can also view all thesis coin locations, Power Moons, and more on the Moon Kingdom Interactive Opbergmap.

The coins have bot assigned numbers for tracking purposes, but they can be collected ter any order.

EditMoon Kingdom Coins 1-3

The very first three Coins can be found on the tall plateau overlooking the Odyssey. Leap up the platforms around the other side to reach the top verhoging.

EditMoon Kingdom Coins 4-6

Overheen the Western edge of the main plateau is an 8-bit mural you can come in. Make your way all the way left to the Power Moon, then take a running hop to an upper verhoging on the right to find three Coins above.

EditMoon Kingdom Coins 7-9

Head down the Northern slope from the Odyssey, and look along the wall at the bottom of the slope for a petite alcove holding three Coins.

EditMoon Kingdom Coins 10-13

Te Quadrant D3 across from the main toneel with the Odyssey, look for a giant space octopus floating around a pole with four Coins ter a katern.

EditMoon Kingdom Coins 14-16

Ter the far Southwestern high verhoging across from the Odyssey, wall hop up to the highest point and look for a ledge overlooking the Odyssey that holds three Coins on a narrow ledge.

EditMoon Kingdom Coins 17-20

Heading North to the Ringing-Bells Plateau, look for three large columns sticking out of the abyss to the left of the narrow path with the rock snake, and long hop to the farthest katern to find four Coins.

EditMoon Kingdom Coins 21-23

From the Ringing-Bells Plateau, grab a Boost Flower and do a running leap to the far verhoging to the Westelijk. Behind the chest, you can find three Coins hiding on a puny ledge.

EditMoon Kingdom Coins 24-29

Once you reach the Quiet Wall Checkpoint, head to the East to find another space octopus patrolling around a flower you can use to leap up into six Coins.

EditMoon Kingdom Coins 30-32

Once inwards the Underground Moon Caverns, cross the very first lava lake and get to the bridge with the Sherm tanks guarding the place, then capture a Flying Dry Bones and use it to fly under the bridge to find three Coins.

EditMoon Kingdom Coins 33-35

After heading up from the very first lava lake to the moving platforms with the Tropical Wigglers ter the Underground Moon Caverns. Capture a Tropical Wiggler and head around the gate, then extend to the left to find three Coins.

EditMoon Kingdom Coins 36-38

Upon reaching the area ter the Underground Moon Caverns where you are ambushed by an incoming Banzai Bill – capture it, then veer back towards where the very first lava lake wasgoed, and look for a large pile te the lava below where three Coins are stacked up. Hop off the Banzai Bill and fall onto the pile to voorkoop them.

Alternatively, a much lighter solution can be found by simply using the Sherm tanks located below the large pile. The projectiles slok by their cannons can be used to pick up the coins, and they are high up enough above the pile that the shots will succesnummer them.

EditMoon Kingdom Coins 39-41

Back at the Banzai Bill, re-capture the very first Banzai Bill and crash through the breakable blocks heading to the 2nd Banzai Bill launcher. Once there, veer around the right side to find three Coins on the side of the launcher.

EditMoon Kingdom Coins 42-44

Upon reaching the lone podium with the Moe-eye, klapper the button to make an invisible podium show up that kinks left. Run across quickly with the Moe-eye to find three coins at the edge of the invisible verhoging.

EditMoon Kingdom Coins 45-47

On the last toneelpodium ter the Underground Moon Caverns, you’ll find a path going left away from an incoming line of boulders. At the end, capture a Chargin’ Chuck and look behind him for a series of puny spaced platforms you can dash across (he’ll dash right overheen the gaps) to reach a ledge with three Coins.

EditMoon Kingdom Coins 48-50

The last Moon Kingdom Coins te this area are found at the Chapel itself. Head around the back of the big chapel to find frogs you can capture, then high leap onto the chapel. Make your way all the way up to the top of the steeple to find the last three Coins.

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