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Do you ask yourself thesis questions?

  • How can I observe the litecoin exchange rate?
  • What amount of litecoins have I mined, but not yet transferred to my wallet, and how much are they worth?
  • How many total litecoins did I mine since I commenced mining?
  • How many litecoins do I presently have, both unpaid ter pools and ter my wallet, and how much USD can I get for it?
  • I don’t mine, but how much is my investment te litecoins worth te USD (or any other currency) at this uur?

MyLitecoins is a Windows zweem (Vista sidebar or Windows 7) which displays two values: the amount of litecoins you have, and an estimated value of those litecoins te your preferred currency.


  • retrieves gegevens from up to three litecoin pools
  • retrieves LTC-USD exchange rate from a litecoin exchange
  • uses The Free Currency Converter API to convert USD to any other world currency of your choice
  • Accepts arbitrary correction amount (positive or negative) which is added to the litecoin amount. This is where you can, for example, inject total amount of the litecoins you bought if you wish it to be included ter the sum, or simply use it spil a litecoin rekenmachine.
  • alerts with crimson or green color when a value is below or above defined amount

You can specify any mining pool or exchange which has JSON API (most of them do). The only thing you need to know is URL and JSON keys.

Configuring exchanges and pools

By default, the zweem is configured to use BTC-e API to obtain exchange gegevens. If wij wished to use a different exchange, for example Vircurex, very first wij need to find out JSON API URL. Vircurex has a bit different API, but this pagina details all that is needed to use the API. Let us create the URL which comes back last LTC-BTC trade exchange: The gegevens returned looks like this: <“base”:”LTC”, “altstem”:”BTC”, “lowest_ask”:”0.00379998″, “highest_bid”:”0.00352″,“last_trade”:”0.00379999″, “volume”:”1357.57892737″>

The exchange rate wij need is te the “last_trade” JSON value. So, to configure MyLitecoins to use Vircurex, wij have to come in above URL and JSON key “last_trade”. Wij could use secondary exchange to track up to three extra values (for example highest bid and lowest ask), or simply clear all secondary exchange JSON keys.

Configuring snufje to use pool APIs works ter the same way. The only difference is that you can configure up to two JSON keys for pools, since you’re most likely interested te both paid and unpaid amounts.


  • version Three.Two – switched away from Yahoo! currency conversion API spil it stopped working
  • version Three.1 – default exchange switched from BTC-e to Poloniex spil BTC-e is no longer operational
  • version Three.0 – a bunch of bugs stationary and fresh features introduced:
  • updated Litecoin background/logo
  • trailing zekering alerts
  • support for very large or very petite values (more than 9 digits or less than 8 decimals) using for example 1G for 1,000,000,000
  • two extra pools added spil some a bit megalomanic people were complaining that three pools are not enough
  • albeit originally correction could be a negative number, at some point this stopped working due to incorrect regex which is now corrected
  • if only paid or only unpaid JSON key for pools wasgoed used, value wasgoed not calculated, a bit impractical workaround wasgoed to use both fields is no longer needed
  • note from settings now shows on mouse hover
  • version Two.0 – added capability to choose and hide fields, improvements to better work with exchanges, fresh note field added to settings
  • version 1.Four – fix for bug te anti-caching code
  • version 1.Three – higher/lower color notification and better error treating (corrected possible NaN on bad correction configuration)
  • version 1.Two – now works for all international Windows versions and permits Javascript to samenvatting JSON key values
  • version 1.1 – updated default: ticker URL for BTC-e exchange has switched
  • version 1.0 – initial version
  • Like this snufje?

    If you find this zweem useful, you can support it by sending any amount of LTC to the following Litecoin address: LcJ5GinEXzyHzvYB3NfycARqhAYN8Jh8mo

    Thanks to StewartJ for inspiration and beta testing.

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