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A cryptocurrency solution for inexpensive global value transmission

Our Story

NewYorkCoin’s blockchain began on March 6, 2014. To date, the NewYorkCoin community has not discovered the person or persons who implemented NewYorkCoin’s genesis block. For years, the NewYorkCoin blockchain has bot supported by a decentralized assortment of loyal miners, even however there had not bot any active development since NewYorkCoin’s genesis block.

Ter mid-to- late 2018, several miners and NewYorkCoin community members determined to commit resources to waking up this forgotten value transmission asset by building a development team and community to help NewYorkCoin realize its total potential spil day-to- day permission-less global zero-fee payment solution.

The NewYorkCoin community is growing exponentially with members from every continent on the planet. To learn more or join our community, click on the Community verbinding to find the channel of your choice.


Decentralized and has a proven blockchain – churning out transactions every 30 seconds since 2014 with ondergrens support. There is no central control overheen the coin.


NYC is 20X quicker than Bitcoin and 5X swifter than litecoin, retailers can now accept NYC Also most transactions are FREE ter the newyorkc network! NYC is anonymous


The Original NewYorkCoin is Open-Source and viewable to the public at Github code repository.based on an open-source podium. There is no central control overheen the coin.

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NewYorkCoin Features


NYC offers its users a decentralized, anonymous and secure worldwide network lightly accessible using a broad array of wallets on numerous operating systems.

20X swifter than Bitcoin

20X swifter than Bitcoin NYC is simply more usable than Bitcoin. NYC is 20X quicker to send, receive & confirm transactions. And 5X quicker than Litecoin.

Zero Network Toverfee

NYC is much cheaper to use than Bitcoin. Most transactions te the newyorkc network are free! (Exchanges and mining pools may include a toverfee for providing their service) NYC is anonymous, decentralized and has a proven blockchain.

Growing community

The development team is active and always ter close voeling with the community. You can lightly voeling us for support or fresh ideas about NYC.

Retail Level

Near instant transactions with 30-second confirmations enable NYC to be used at the retail level worldwide for daily time-sensitive consumer purchases.

Current Use Cases

Businesses around the globe are presently accepting NewYorkCoin spil a form of payment. Please view the Merchants section for an updated list.

Te limited cases, the NewYorkCoin network charges a toverfee for unusual transactions, such spil utterly petite “dust spam” transactions or transactions that generate unusually large block sizes, that could adversely influence the NewYorkCoin network. Third-Party exchange providers or wallet providers may charge a toverfee for their services, but such fees are not retained by the NewYorkCoin network.

NewYorkCoin Team

Our development team is comprised of community members volunteering their time and ideas are collective openly among the community and strategy is determined through overeenstemming. Below are some of NewYorkCoin’s critical team members:

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