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Omnia Cryptocurrency Mining Farm | Omnia Proud Playmate of Genesis Mining

many things have happened te the last days. Our network has enlargened tremendously and because of that our challenges regarding support, commission calculation und security have enhanced too. Maybe many of yours have recognized that wij have a bug te our hashrate payouts, wij pay too much, but this error wasgoed not indeed visible te the system code. So, the bad news very first, wij need to suspend the mining payouts for a brief time period, those will be paid out of course accumulated te a brief while. This is necessary to solve the programming error. Furthermore wij will delete all payout requests for commission payouts ter cryptocurrency, please do your request directly again, there will be no long waiting times, this is promised to you. Spil our mailserver got hacked, wij hardly recommend you to check the address of your private wallet ter the profile section and your email address. Please do it cautiously. It is only for your security. By the way, OMNIA would never send you emails with payment instructions and/or investment proposals. Wij have build up the support section fairly strong and are using now the software Zendesk, which will increase our work flow fairly a lotsbestemming, please give us some time to train our team to the fresh software. And please do not use anything else then this way to the support: su,pp,o,rt,@,o,m,ni,a-,t,ec,h.,e,u. Please do not use the internal message system cause it is not so effortless to treat. Now the good news, wij could win one of the strongest consultancy teams regarding MLM worldwide for our company. They have bot building up some of the top 50 MLM companies ter the industry. They provide us with a team of experts regarding mlm backoffice programing. You all can be indeed nosey what wij will provide for you regarding fresh backoffice, own credit card, more payment possibilities and a multilingual funnel system. Wij are working 24/7 for you and our company to reach out on long term to the success wij all together will reach and deserve.

My account

  • How can I unlock my account?
    For your own security wij only permit the unlocking of an account through a individual dialog. Please voeling our customer service team directly and wij will help you to solve the punt.
  • how can I switch my email address?
    For your own security wij only permit address modifications after following an identification proces. Please voeling our customer service team directly for further information.
  • How can I set up a fresh wallet?
    Wij do not suggest a wallet service spil of yet, but you can find many wallets available online. There are many different wallet types and wij do not favour any specific one.
  • How can I create a fresh account?
    You can create an account very lightly. Simply click on SIGN UP, inject your e-mail and a secure password and you’re good to go. Make sure to use the referral listig of the person who referred you to join this club, spil this is a invitation only club.
  • How can I erase my account?
    Please voeling our customer service team directly.


  • Why don’t I recive payouts?
    This may toebijten for a number of reasons. Please select one of the options below. I have bought my contract te the past Five days. You will get your very first payout once you have bot mining for 24 hours and the very first order has bot processed. Therefore, please permit up to 48 hours to receive your very first payout. After that you will get your payouts daily. Exception: If you have bought a mining contract during presales, you will have a “pre-order” originally. Therefore, the mining process will begin at the given launch date. This will be clearly communicated te advance. I have paid my contract with Credit/Debit Card during the last month. Since the hashpower contract wasgoed purchased with a Credit/Debit Card, the mining comes back are held for 30+Two days before they are sent out to wallets. This is because of fraud and security reasons. After the end of this period mining comes back will be sent daily. The very first payout will display up after a maximum of 48 hours. You can find your pending balance by going to My Orders under “My pending balance Payout History”. During this time there will be no activity te the graphs. I have switched my Wallet address recently. Please, dual check your wallet. To do this, go to My Account / Settings te your profile and click on the “Wallets” tabulator. I have not received payouts ter the last Two days. Wij do not have immobile payout times, but you will receive a payment within 24 hours after each mining day. A mining day runs from 00:00 to 23:59:59 te UTC time. We’ve got a loterijlot of checks and scripts running, and our team is permanently attempting to maximize earnings for our customers. Spil a result, the time inbetween two payouts can be longer than 24 hours sometimes, but it might also be shorter. Ter any case, you will receive a payout for each mining day. Sometimes a transaction can also be delayed te the corresponding cryptocurrency blockchain. Your payout will be speelpop up te your wallet once it got confirmed.
  • How much can I earn?
    Wij do not control the market evolution and thus wij cannot control the payouts. There are certain factors which may affect your payouts depending on the product you have purchased. Please, select one of the options below for further detail. I have an Ethash contract. For a rough earnings’ estimate, please go to any outward rekenmachine such spil For Ethash, please look for a Ether zakjapanner. Recall that thesis calculations are only an estimate and valid only for the day.Zakjapanner > Keep te mind that comebacks are not assured and depend ter large part on the luck wij have ter the pools wij are mining ter, and on mining difficulty. None of thesis factors can be predicted. Difficulty > This is the way your payout will mostly vary:
    1. It may toebijten that due to the lower payouts, the global rente ter mining DASH diminishes. This would mean a decrease ter the mining difficulty, which will also have a positive influence enlargening your payouts. Conversely, if difficulty raises, your payout would decrease.
    2. If you have kept BTC (Wagen) spil the default allocation, your payouts will be traded from ETH to BTC. Therefore, the ETH vs BTC exchange rate will affect your payout

      TH vs BTC exchange rate:

    3. The DAG opstopping of Ethereum might take away part of the hashpower of the GPU’s. This is not taken into account by the calculators and could go up to variations of 10%. The DAG verkeersopstopping is necessary for the algorithm to work, and it is installed ter the same mining hardware (also called GPU) that provides the hashpower for Ether mining purposes. Benefit of our solution however is that your hashrate is not tied to a single lump of hardware so any issues te the efficiency of a miner will not affect your payout.


    • Can I reinvest my earnings into buying more hashpower?
      Wij are working on an AUTO-UPGRADE option that you will find ter your instrumentenbord. Until then you can accumulate the payouts te your private wallet and then use them to purchase a fresh contract. Wij accept payments with the following cryptocoins: BTC, ETHER.
    • What does “Life Time” contract mean?
      Wij will mine for you for 6 to Ten years.
    • Can I get a refund? / Contract cancellations, etc…
      No refunds are accepted spil stated te the contract.
    • Why has my purchase order expired?
      Wij only permit 30 minutes for the payment te cryptocurrencies to reach our wallet. After this period, the order will expire. Please attempt again or voeling our customer service team directly to help you set your order by hand.
    • Why my credit card has bot charged but I don’t have an active contract?
      If your contract is not approved, your credit card will not be charged ter any case. It may toebijten tho’, that the money is retained te your handelsbank. Please voeling your bankgebouw for further information.
    • Why I wasgoed charged Metselspecie advance?
      Te some infrequent cases, some issuing banks may charge extra fees from customers who purchase Bitcoin or Cloud Mining services using Credit Card via. They call it Metselspecie Advance. Please voeling your bankgebouw beforehand for further information, and provide them with the Simplex service Code: Merchant Category Code (MCC): 6051.
    • What will toebijten when Ethereum switches from PoW to PoS?
      Presently Ethereum uses the Proof of Work concept, which means Ethereum is released step by step spil a prize to miners that spent time and effort (and electro-stimulation) on finding blocks. This mining consumes energy and the developers of Ethereum have already mentioned that at some point they might switch the algorithm to the Proof of Stake concept, which, simply waterput, gives prizes to people who hold on to their Ethereum instead of providing prize to those that mine. When that switch happens, mining Ethereum will no longer be possible. This might occur before the end of your Ethereum mining project, but your hashrate will not be lost! Instead, wij will reconfigure the underlying hardware to mine the most profitable coin, and from then on your hashrate will be mining that other coin. Which coin will be the most profitable is unlikely to say. Wij will determine on that when Ethereum switches from PoW to Pos.
    • Can I receive payouts monthly or weekly?
      Your payouts will be sent automatically to your wallet once the ondergrens accumulated payouts is reached. The ondergrens payout for BTC is 0.0006 BTC. It is not possible to delay the payout for security reasons.
    • Why is my payout unconfirmed ter the blockchain?
      Spil soon wij send out the payment the transaction is within the blockchain waiting for confirmation. Wij can assure wij send out the transactions with the zindelijk fees but sometimes there are some delays te the blockchain. Unluckily, wij cannot accelerate this process from our end. Please keep ter mind that some wallets only voorstelling the transactions once a certain number of blockchain confirmations have bot reached.
    • How can I get embarked? How can I purchase a contract?
      1. Very first you need to set up at least a BTC wallet address and save this under “my account” ->, “settings” ->, “wallets”
      Select your package
      Choose your payment method ->, e.g. BITCOIN, Credit/Debit card (Mastercard, Visa)
      Use the slider to choose the preferred package
      Click proceed
      View and agree on terms
      Eventually, confirm the order
      If you pay with cryptocoins, please transfer the BTC amount to the given address spil swift spil possible. (If the order expires after sending your BTC, please get te touch with Customer Service. They will approve your order by hand)

      If you pay with credit-card, please go after the proces and pack out ALL details on the forms. You may be asked for private identification by our CC provider. Only if the identification process is finalized will your contract be approved.

      Once paid, your order should showcase spil approved te your GM profile. If this is not so, please voeling customer service andyour order will be approved by hand.

    Ultimately, wij pridefully announce that payouts of the Mining revenues of the last Ten days have bot made and will regularly emerge on your wallet ter the future. The Payout Provider has not yet bot able to reduce the payout threshold to the values wij have proposed. Therefore, the following values are presently valid (BTC: 0.0015, ETH: 0.05, ETC: 0.1, LTC: 0.Five, ZEC: 0.05).

    Unluckily, about 500 payouts could not be executed because the e-wallet addresses were simply entered incorrectly te the instrumentenbord. Wij urge each fucking partner to review and juist them instantly. Better you generally check your gegevens again ter the profile. Any space, especially te e-mail, name, e-wallet address or ter bankgebouw gegevens, causes the gegevens record to be read incorrectly and payouts can not be carried out. The spaces are usually at the beginning or at the end of a opstopping. This error often happens when you copy / paste!

    Wij are also pleased to inform you that wij are working with our handelsbank fucking partner on an MLM system that has never existed te this form,i.e. Real-time transfer, your own credit card and account with IBAN and no KYC exam up to 2500 Euro and this feature will be available to us WORLDWIDE. Of course this is by no means all but a beginning. This system will be available to us, latest by the end of October. The payouts will primarily be by hand requested, ter the future it will be done automatically when the payout threshold is exceeded.

    Furthermore, wij can inform you that wij have bot able to win the most famous MLM attorney worldwide for OMNIA and wij will present it at our launch event te London. You will be astonished at how wij evaluate our marketing project and evaluate the future of our company. Of course Jakov Dolic, the founder of Genesis, will also be there.

    Wij are truly attempting hard to solve the challenges that are still present, and you can believe that wij are suffering every day together with you, on which our system does not work 100%. Going forward wij are working with our team day and night to solve the last problems and to prepare for the fresh projects with you.

    Today, wij can tell you something very positive and want to thank you for putting your trust on us. Wij are a startup, and it is fairly usual for a startup company that not everything goes slickly overheen the stage. However, the only challenge wij had is the back office system which caused some delays and inconvenience for our vrouwen. Wij at Omnia are wooed that a climate of trust and dialogue can emerge best when wij go to our most significant chapter, namely, to communicate openly and transparently. Here are some significant updates:

    Unluckily, our overseas programmers have left us te the lurch, they have done a poor job to mitigate the existing issues. However, ter the beginning of this week, wij have assigned former Google programmers from Aschaffenburg, Germany. They are doing an incredible job to resolve the primary issues on the system. The back office will be fully functional and all the pending disbursements will be finished by Monday. Many thanks to Matze and Sergej for assisting ter this project. From Monday onwards you will able to see the mining results, Binary and matching cycle Verzekeringspremie, spil well spil monthly bonuses will be reflected on your back office.

    The Mining commenced already on the day of departure from Iceland and wij now have all the mining hardware’s ter place. Your pending mining payout will be sent to your wallet and should be reflected on your account ter few days time. Thanks to our playmate Genesis Mining who also does our mining payout daily. Spil many of you already know, wij are working together with Genesis Mining, on a very special product that wij will bring to the market together next year. And wij will have a puny verrassing for all our clients who have bought a package spil of now. Wij do not want to expose anything more at this point. Wij are looking forward to the snaak journey with you, together wij will make this the largest mining company ter the world te MLM.

    Wij have a massive event organized te London on 17th of September, albeit wij have sold out the event due to high request wij have enlargened the capacity and more tickets are available now for you to book. Therefore if you are coming to London and want to be at the official launch with Jakov Dolic, the founder of Genesis Mining, simply book your toegangsbewijs.

    Last but not least, wij do not leave behind our deserved ambassadors, who are amazingly motivated to announce the Omnia message and it is wonderful to see how they represent our company excellently worldwide. Wij are looking forward to see you soon and arousing years with you ter the Blockchain technology that offers much more than just mining.

    Surely you ask why the specie disbursements were only sporadic and the repetitions of cryptic diseases were not yet carried out. Ter the course of the real-time payout releases, wij had to realize that our fucking partner program ter the backoffice still shows some deviations from the clearly defined definitions. Wij actually work almost day and night to fix thesis bugs ter order to keep a ideally functioning system ter mitts from 01.09.2018. Wij ask for your understanding, but ensuring the security of the process has top priority te ensuring the long-term future of OMNIA. What are the next steps? Firstly, 1 cycle, i.e. 1 day production on coins will be payed out to each active fucking partner. All those who are below the communicated payout threshold (BTC: 0.001, ETH: 0.01, ETC = 0.1, LTC: 0.1, ZEC: 0.01) still see no income. Wij can assure you that nothing is lost. The coins are accumulated until the payout threshold has bot exceeded and then transferred to the wallet. Ter the next step the accumulated coins (Mining from date of activation + 6 days) are cumulated on the onderstel of your miningpackage and then spent te the following days. After that, the exits will run slickly. With the specie disbursements, you may have to request them again. Wij will inform you instantly.

    Congratulations on your decision…!

    A journey of thousand miles voorwaarde start with a single step. Wij’d like to welcome you to OMNIA. Each of us will play a role to ensure your successful integration into the company. Please note wij are providing you an chance to earn money which is optional, your earnings will depend directly ter the amount of efforts you waterput to develop your business.

    Again, welcome to the team. The secret of success is constancy to purpose.


    Wij trust that you mutually excited about your fresh chance with OMNIA. Each of us will play a role to ensure your successful integration into the company.

    OMNIA, Level Two, Slagroom 1, Palazzo Ca`Brugnera Valley Road 9024 Birkirkara Malta

    For all other questions please voeling our member support department by email i,n,f,o,@,o,mn,ia,-t,ec,h.,eu, or by phone at 0035627572757.

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