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Unless you’ve bot living under a rock, you know by now that Bitcoin, the very first digital currency te the world, has gained a loterijlot of value ter the financial markets overheen the past few weeks. Spil at the time of writing this, the value of 1 Bitcoin wasgoed well above $Ten,000 and is expected to rise even higher te the coming days. Naturally, with such news, it is not surprising that thousands of people, if not more, are presently looking at ways to acquire bitcoins ter order to metselspecie te on the Bitcoin Boom. Unluckily, dishonest people (politically keurig term for scams) have also determined to specie te on the ongoing crypto sensation. The only difference is, their targets are the thousands of naive and inexperienced people who have bot brought te by the strong flaps of publicity and sensation surrounding Bitcoin. One of such scams is, a self proclaimed Bitcoin generator that gives out free Bitcoin periodically. Is the webpagina real or is it just a waste of time? Read on to find out.

Introduction to is a Bitcoin mining webpagina that permits people to mine and acquire BTC free of charge and without cracking any sweat. The webpagina wasgoed established te early July 2018 which is slightly less than the recommended 6 months age for trustworthy sites. For demonstrable reasons, there is very little information on online with the main webstek providing only the most vague details, presumably to disorient beginner investors. Nonetheless, wij did trace the webstek’s IP address to Funny enough, the address kept switching overheen the several weeks timeframe that wij were analyzing the webstek.

Unless the holder used a top secret location hiding software, the IP address points to the webpagina being operated from the United States. Notably, the webpagina’s server IP is not a private one but its possessed by, the hosting company that the webstek is registered with. Wij can’t truly tell who possesses the mining webpagina spil available gegevens shows that the domain wasgoed registered through an online privacy company by the name Registration By Proxy, LLC.

What does suggest? is a free Bitcoin generator that supposedly sends free coins to your BTC wallet within a few minutes of injecting the address. The webpagina can ‘mine’ and send up to Three.8 BTC on a single transaction. Going by the current rates, this is about $40k – more than what 60% of the population earn te a good year of hard work. Unluckily, despite searching all overheen, wij didn’t find any relevant evidence to support’s claims of a functioning mining software capable of generating hundreds of BTC for thousands of users ter a day. Wij even attempted keying te our wallet address hoping to receive some free coins only for the pagina to give back an error response which crashed our hopes of earning a few thousand bucks for free. Wij attempted it several times and the response wasgoed still the same spil you can see below.

If you attempt out the generator, you will most likely get the same result spil wij got. The webpagina will make it look like it’s a problem on your end but wij know you’re clever and you will be able to figure out that they’re only taking you for a rail.

Uncanny resemblance

For such a valuable webpagina – ter terms of BTC value that is – doesn’t look the part at all. To find anything useful, you have to skim through miles of poorly written text and badly opaque details and you still won’t find anything relevant to write huis about. Spil a matter of fact, some icons on the top menukaart verbinding to other sites which are totally different from Specifically, the Buy Bitcoin, Multiply Bitcoin and How to Sell Bitcoin icons listig to, an upcoming trading toneel for digital currencies. And that’s not even the punt. The punt is, why exactly would a “Bitcoin generator” webpagina which by virtue of its name is supposed to mine and periodically dispense BTC send its users to another webpagina to “buy bitcoins?” That doesn’t make sense at all.

Most importantly, bears an uncanny resemblance to a number of sites some of which went down spil a result of being exposed spil scams. Thesis include Genbtc.voor and However, the most notable coin generator webpagina that looks similar to is BTCGen.Voor which wasgoed recently outed spil a scam. Looking at the screenshot below for BTCGen.Voor, you will note the demonstrable similarities to including the logo.


According to a SimilarWeb popularity report, has a ranking of 940,399. Therefore, based on its ranking, wij can classify spil an unpopular webpagina which speaks volumes, considering the type and nature of its activities. A webpagina suggesting free bitcoins should have raked ter more than a million total visitors and counting and not the paltry 75k visitors that have visited since it’s inception.

When it comes to user reviews, another measure of popularity, wij couldn’t find any discussions on on the various online forums that wij frequent. This could be because the webpagina is still relatively fresh ter industry standards and many people have still not heard about it, let alone attempted it out.

GenBTC Review Conclusion

Wij don’t truly need to say because wij believe wij have said, and shown, everything there is to say about, but wij still have to say it. is not only a scam but a waste of time and intelligence. Don’t visit the webpagina expecting to receive any Bitcoin spil you will end up disappointed.

Review Verdict: GenBTC is a SCAM!

Blacklisted Webpagina:

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The vast sum of Bitcoin generators and doublers are fraudulent. If you are looking to adequately supplement your income through the application of cryptocurrency investing then wij encourage you to visit our Cryptocurrency Investment Guide to learn about readily available and legitimate opportunities.

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