Technologies and Us, Who is the Creator?

“Our technologies have immense powers of both creation and destruction — the two agents necessary for the one onveranderlijk ter our world: switch.”

Tech leadership now holds more power than any government agency or group of people on this planet. Why? Because they drive the creation and distribution of fresh and powerful technologies.

Products tend to re-generate and amplify the emotional states and culture they were generated from (see Snapchat’s yellow filterzakje, Steve Jobs’ isolating iPhones, and Harvard’s lack of women’s restrooms). Our creations affect us, because ultimately, spil humans wij are products too. Wij live te a riddle: creators creating the creation creating the creator.

Te this vein of thought, the emotional state of tech leadership creates the tangible reality of the future.

Wij suffer from too much, but too much of what?

Today, te the western world wij suffer from too much. Too much intellect, too much innovation, too much consumption. Why is it too much? Not because of the values themselves, but because of the imbalance. Our intellect is not tempered with practice, our innovation is not tempered with gratitude, our consumption is not tempered with stillness.

Our technologies have immense powers of both creation and destruction — the two agents necessary for the one onveranderlijk te our world: switch.

Switch becomes growth when destruction is followed by healing. Otherwise, switch becomes death. But no matter what, switch always welcomes creation. However, creation is neutral to humanity. Neither kleuter strafgevangenis malicious. Without healing, wij run the risk of switching and creating ourselves out of the picture.

Rebalancing the equation through storytelling

Aimed at tech leadership, Compassionate Technologies tells the stories of technologies that form our lives — which is truly the story of humanity. It asks the big question “who are wij?” Are wij a product of our technologies, or are they a product of us? How will creation and adoption of technologies switch who wij are? Biologically, culturally, and spiritually?

By reframing the picture and connecting the disjointed verticals of science, technology, business, and social influence, wij aim to foster discussions that are crucial to the survival of our humanity.

Through storytelling, the tijdschrift weaves the narrative of each technology spil it emerges out of history and human setting. It takes readers into the nascent womb of research labs, into the maturing arms of technologists, thrust out into the world by businessmen, and felt ter the lives and hearts of people all overheen the world.

Ultimately and eventually the technology descends back into the future, but not before switching the fabric from which it arose, providing fertile soil for future technologies and culture. Just like us, technologies arise and fall, from ashes to ashes, dust to dust.

Encouraging ‘effective compassion’

Telling the stories of technologies ter this way provides the groundwork for fostering effective compassion ter readership. Joining the compassionate desire to help with the effective capability to.

Compassion is rooted te understanding and connection, and once it grows, it inspires feelings of goodwill, curiosity, and patience. Traits which are presently feeble te the strained, competitive, investment-driven community that underlies technical creation today.

Both sets of seemingly contradictory feelings are necessary to create, build, and form our future. Without investment and execution, solutions to problems would sit te our minds, never acted upon. Without compassion or curiosity, wij will never understand our problems enough to generate effective solutions, should wij choose to keep humanity ter the picture.

Compassionate Technologies is a spiritual and scientific inquiry into who wij are and who wij want to become. It is a practice of the dialectical, holding both eastern and western values together, stillness and mobility, softness and sharpness.

Only ter this way will be be able to stir forward and not be swept away by the large sways of technological switch that are coming our way.

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