Watertown Daily Times, Proposed gegevens mining center at Alcoa East could bring 150 jobs to Massena

MASSENA – A Bitcoin mining center planned for the former Alcoa East plant could bring te at least a $165 million investment and 150 jobs.

North Country Gegevens Center has requested a 15,000 kilowatt allocation of preservation power from the Fresh York Power Authority for its proposed operation at the now-vacant Alcoa East plant. The NYPA Houtvezelplaat of Trustees took no act on the request during its meeting Tuesday.

“,The Coinmint power allocation wasgoed not approved by the NYPA Houtvezelplaat of Trustees on Tuesday. The Houtvezelplaat determined to defer any activity on this voorwerp until a future houtvezelplaat meeting,”, a NYPA spokesman said ter an emailed statement.

Keith T. Hayes, NYPA’s vice-president of economic development, explained the project to trustees during their meeting this week.

“,The allocation would support the creation of 150 fresh jobs and a ondergrens investment of $165 million. NCDC is signing a long-term contracting lease agreement with Alcoa for the entire property and, once the project is accomplish, it expects to treat 15 procent of the world cryptocurrency business, also known spil Bitcoin,”, Mr. Hayes said.

According to Investopedia, a financial education web webpagina, “,Bitcoin mining is the process by which transactions are verified and added to the public ledger, known spil the block chain, and also the means through which fresh bitcoin are released.

The mining process involves compiling latest transactions into blocks and attempting to solve a computationally difficult puzzle. The participant who very first solves the puzzle gets to place the next block on the block chain and voorkeur the prizes.”,

Alcoa officials said they were working with a third party, but declined to name the company.

“,Alcoa has bot working with a third party on a potential economic development project, but no announcements have bot made,”, Alcoa spokesman Jim Beck said ter an emailed statement.

Mr. Hayes said the average wage and benefits would be about $46,000 vanaf year for the 150 employees, which he called significant for St. Lawrence County. He said the jobs could include gegevens scientists, technicians and engineering positions.

“,Typically you see thesis jobs overseas versus here. Wij thought that the commitment to the north country for that amount of jobs is certainly significant and would be impactful,”, he said.

The Fresh York Times reported te September that one of the world’s largest Bitcoin-mining facilities is ter China. It operates 25,000 computers with a staff of about 50.

Members of the NYPA houtvezelplaat, discussing the project, voiced skepticism at the number of jobs suggested and questioned a commitment to a start-up company.

Because it would be a fresh type of business for the area, Assemblywoman Addie A.E. Jenne, D-Theresa, said she wasgoed glad to see that NYPA officials were seeking more information before making a decision. She said there needed to be discussions about how many jobs would be available, and if they would be high-end jobs that would pay a living wage or low-wage positions.

“,Some of the NYPA Houtvezelplaat of Trustees are also learning. I’m relaxed that they’re taking the time to look into this. There are questions wij have to have absolute answers to. I would have loved for them to make an announcement. (But) I’m glad they’re doing their due diligence. Wij want to make sure wij have a clear picture of what it’s actually going to entail,”, she said.

Mr. Hayes recommended that the houtvezelplaat not take any act te January, but wait until several issues were addressed te the contract. Among their questions wasgoed who would be responsible for substation operations and some transmission towers.

“,I will come back to you with a final contract te the very near future. I’m certainly convenient ter coming back to the houtvezelplaat with the contract and allocation. We’ll work passionately to get this done sooner rather than zometeen,”, Mr. Hayes said.

Massena Town Supervisor Steven D. O’Shaughnessy said he appreciated the NYPA Houtvezelplaat of Trustees considering the preservation power request.

“,I appreciate the trustees doing their due diligence to ensure that everything is the way it’s supposed to be,”, he said. “,How many times have you heard that we’re not going to get those big factories or big manufacturers with Two,000 jobs? Wij need to get smaller jobs. We’re not going to get fatter jobs.”,

Unlike other companies, he said the proposed operation would not be relying spil much on transportation routes.

“,The nice thing about that is, one of our weaknesses is being able to get materials out and te,”, he said.

He said individuals could take advantage of training that might qualify them for a position.

“,It’s good that we’ve got SUNY Canton for those courses. They have a lotsbestemming of certificate two-year courses,”, Mr. O’Shaughnessy said.

State officials said they were excited to hear the plans and looked forward to watching spil the process moved forward.

“,I’m excited that there are such serious discussions about work that is kleuter of the future of our economy,”, Ms. Jenne said te a phone vraaggesprek. “,This is just one operation that finds Massena could be an attractive location. There’s nothing to say other companies that want to do similar work might not want to relocate here. Wij have very valuable resources te this community. We’re hard-working people.”,

State Sen. Joseph A. Griffo, R-Rome, said he looked forward to watching the proposal progress.

“,Plans to reuse the former Alcoa East plant demonstrate that the north country is ready to welcome fresh investment and opportunities to the region. I am looking forward to monitoring thesis plans spil they progress and remain interested te the potential influence that this project could have on the region,”, he said ter an emailed statement.

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